Saturday, February 27, 2010

Isaiah is a SNORTER of sorts

Growing up I don't recall ever putting something up my nose.  I don't remember my sister or brother doing it either. I have now raised 3 boys and in that time none have ever put anything up their noses.  Now Logan did swallow a penny once, but other than that nada!  Well until Isaiah!  I was sitting at the computer doing my e mails and he came to me opening his mouth.  I asked what was wrong?  He said, "Nose."  Okay so I look and see a rabbit food pellet.  So I told him to hold still and as I almost had it, he snorts.  Bye, Bye pellet!    So, I am thinking what to do now.  I called three mothers for advice.  My mother told me to call 911 and take him to the hospital. I did not have a vehicle to take him myself.  I did not want to have to go to the hospital if it was not necessary.  I called my sister.  She said "well, he could have ended up swallowing it, and if not it will eventually dissolve."  Knowing that it would dissolve kinda grossed me out!  Then I called my Aunt Teresa and she said, "that when she was little she put things up her nose.  She especially loved cheerios."  The last time she put something up her nose, my grandmother had to take her to the hospital, where they put her into a straight jacket.  That was her last time snorting cheerios.  So, here I had all the facts.  I ended up staying at home and waiting on Brian to help hold Isaiah down and take a good gander up his nose.  There was nothing, except a few boogers.  So what happened to the rabbit food pellet?  He is not fussing with his nose, so I am guessing he swallowed it, if not Isaiah may have invented the first human chia pet.

 I can see it now alfalfa growing like grass out of one nostril.  Kids do the craziest things!  Below is a cute video of a nose snorter.  ***My mother called and said that the cartoon below goes into something bad after the nose snorter part.  Actually it DOES NOT.  If you scan down the page it will, so do not go to the next cartoon.  Just view the nose hobby animation one.  The one in which I intended for my viewers.***

I think kids needed to come with instructions!  An if in case this happens, you should do this.  Of course mine would do something no there kid has ever done and I would have to be the one to add to the in case list!


JOY said...

Kids can keep you on your toes. I am glad he is okay.

Teresa said...

Mom used to tell me stories of all the times I put things up my nose. I guess anything smaller than the opening got to go for a ride in my nose and mom had to dig it out. I'm glad I don't remember and of this.

Leigh Anne said...

LOL! Glad he didn't need a trip to the Dr.1 Landon put a popcorn kernal up his nose, but I was able to make him blow it out. Abigael however put Styrofoam in her ear and she had to be put under anesthesia and have it removed!