Thursday, August 18, 2011

They say it's my birthday

I guess I am another year older.  Time sure does fly by and the gray hairs just keep piling high!!  On Monday, Brian took me out to dinner and then spoiled me!!  He knows I love bath and body works.  So he bought me a bag full of lotions.  I am going to SMELL good!!!  Then we went to Wal-mart and he got me some much needed bra's and some new undies.  My grandmother always said don't leave the house unless you have clean undies on.  Well MawMaw, I have some nice stylish ones!!!  Last night my mother in law cooked us dinner and they got me a beautiful cake.  Pretty and pink. Margaret and Mark bought me some really nice shirts from CATO's, love that store!!!  This morning my sis woke me up just as my alarm was about to go off and wished me a happy birthday.  Then my mother called.  Yep, I have had a really nice birthday.... so what if I am 39.....and next year I plan to be 39 once again!  LOL

The biggest birthday gift I got was that school started today!  Here are some delightful pictures of my boy's just rearing to get on the bus!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trash, junk, garbage...another man's treasure

Never knew one could accumulate so much junk!  I decided to clean out my linen closet today and threw away 2 big garbage bags of junk away.  Why in the world I had some of the stuff, I will never know.  A few weeks ago I cleaned out my walk in closet and threw out 3 big garbage bags.  My trash collector loves me!!  Hey I keep them in business!
Yes I have enough garbage that I need to say no to anyone giving away stuff.  On the other hand throwing away stuff does make room for more stuff!  Ha!  The stuff I threw out was not that good really.  Sure there were a few things I could probably have sold at a yard sale, but I am not one to sit out and wait. I would rather take it to Goodwill!  Of course Goodwill's prices have went up.  I guess inflation is causing them to raise prices on donated items!  Geesh....I won't even start on the prices of stuff.  I had better get off my soap box now.

I guess you could say I am "Fall" cleaning early.  I try to clean really good in the Spring and then again in the Fall.  When I do this, I sure can make a mess of the house.  My kitchen floor right now looks like a garbage bin.  All the bags are there. I need to take them to the garage.

Right now all I want to do is vegetate, but alas the chores are calling my name.  Should I answer?

Isaiah's first dentist appointment

First?  Yes you read that correctly.  I realize he is 4 and should have went sooner, but he is funny with stuff.  He does not like certain textures.  I would litterally have to bribe him to let me brush his teeth.  He hated the feel of a toothbrush.  It made him gag.  Anyway, he went on Wednesday and did wonderful.  He does have a small cavity and he chipped his back tooth on a piece of hard candy (which I do not let him have, but someone gave him a piece.)  I am always scared when they are little they will choke.  Back to the chipped tooth, I knew when it happened.  He bit down on the candy and he said "Ow".  Never mentioned anything about it again.  That night I was brushing his teeth and saw it.  It isn't that bad, but they said he needed a crown.  So, now he has to go to a pediatric dentist for this.  I wish the dentist he saw had the laughing gas to do this.  *sigh*  A word to the wise, if you have a really young child... take them to a pediatric dentist to begin with.  A regular dentist, may not have the  laughing gas and  will send your child onto a pediatric dentist.

Isaiah will go for his "preview" appointment on Monday the15th  ( correction Wednesday the 18th).  Zack goes to get a filling on the 15th. Even if Dr. O'dell had already said what needed to be done.  Such a mess and waste of my time.  I think since Dr. O'dell already saw and cleaned Isaiah's teeth, then they should just be able to take it from there and do what is needed. *grr*  It is all a money racket!  Thank God for good insurance! :-)

Here are some pictures of the day.....

So now we have to go and see Dr. Bailey that is in with Dr. Martin.  My other boy's were a patient of Dr. Martin's but it was always so hard to get them an appointment.  So, I thought taking the kids to a regular dentist would solve the appointment problem.  Now, it seems there might be other problems.  Maybe since the boy's are older they can have their stuff done.  We shall see.

Teays Pediatric Denistry  is where we are headed on Monday!  Wish us luck!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tired yet not tired enough

I got up this morning to a kitten bellowing.  I think I actually (in my sleep) said, "Will someone please go and see what is wrong with that cat!!!"  Then jolted awake to find, they were fighting over momma Sami.  So, here I sit typing not truly awake, but not sleepy enough to go back to bed.  I had to get up early anyway.  Isaiah has his first dentist appointment this morning.  I think he chipped his back tooth a few weeks ago eating hard candy.  At least that is what it looks like to me.  And I think I saw one little tiny speck... which could be a cavity.

The other boys' went for there dentist appointment on Monday.  Logan was cavity free and Zack had one cavity.  What is funny, is that Zack is my clean freak when it comes to hygiene and all.  Logan may brush his teeth and go a few days.  I have to ask him if he brushed his teeth.

Brian's grandmother passed away on Monday night.  She really got sick toward the end.  Her grave side funeral is on Friday.  Brian was really close to her when he was younger.  They would go camping together, yard saleing, and stuff like that.  Mary loved a good yard sale.  She took me a few times and let me tell you, she wore me out.  It was FUN though. Mary was a lot like that nursery rhyme... "Mary Mary quite contrary..., but she she was a hoot too. Mary did not put up with nothing.  She was a feisty woman.  Even as she grew older she was still a wild cat. Mary was a one of a kind jewel.  I don't think there will ever or was ever a person like her.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Life in the FAST lane....

Whew, time for a breather!  Last week I seemed to be running around with out my head attached.  I did not know if I was coming or going.  Why you ask?  We had VBS and between getting it all decorated and getting my lesson done, then cleaning up after everything... I am TIRED!  I went to church Sunday morning, but fell asleep and could not get back up for the night's service.

Now today I am trying to clean this dirty house!!  I straightened it up last week, but well it still was not really clean.  Lots to do, to say the least!  Then I have to take the older boys to the dentist at 3:00.  Hope they have no cavities.  We shall see.  Isaiah will go to his very first appointment on Friday.

On Wednesday I have to go to Huntington's Kmart to pick up Zack's clothes.  I got everything for school.  At least I hope so.  Of course I figure the teachers will probably have something else on the list to add.  That is the norm!  My father in law bought Logan's clothes which was nice.  I need to get Isaiah some clothes next.  He is growing like a weed.  Stick straight and skinny legged!!!