Thursday, August 11, 2011

Isaiah's first dentist appointment

First?  Yes you read that correctly.  I realize he is 4 and should have went sooner, but he is funny with stuff.  He does not like certain textures.  I would litterally have to bribe him to let me brush his teeth.  He hated the feel of a toothbrush.  It made him gag.  Anyway, he went on Wednesday and did wonderful.  He does have a small cavity and he chipped his back tooth on a piece of hard candy (which I do not let him have, but someone gave him a piece.)  I am always scared when they are little they will choke.  Back to the chipped tooth, I knew when it happened.  He bit down on the candy and he said "Ow".  Never mentioned anything about it again.  That night I was brushing his teeth and saw it.  It isn't that bad, but they said he needed a crown.  So, now he has to go to a pediatric dentist for this.  I wish the dentist he saw had the laughing gas to do this.  *sigh*  A word to the wise, if you have a really young child... take them to a pediatric dentist to begin with.  A regular dentist, may not have the  laughing gas and  will send your child onto a pediatric dentist.

Isaiah will go for his "preview" appointment on Monday the15th  ( correction Wednesday the 18th).  Zack goes to get a filling on the 15th. Even if Dr. O'dell had already said what needed to be done.  Such a mess and waste of my time.  I think since Dr. O'dell already saw and cleaned Isaiah's teeth, then they should just be able to take it from there and do what is needed. *grr*  It is all a money racket!  Thank God for good insurance! :-)

Here are some pictures of the day.....

So now we have to go and see Dr. Bailey that is in with Dr. Martin.  My other boy's were a patient of Dr. Martin's but it was always so hard to get them an appointment.  So, I thought taking the kids to a regular dentist would solve the appointment problem.  Now, it seems there might be other problems.  Maybe since the boy's are older they can have their stuff done.  We shall see.

Teays Pediatric Denistry  is where we are headed on Monday!  Wish us luck!!!

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