Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tired yet not tired enough

I got up this morning to a kitten bellowing.  I think I actually (in my sleep) said, "Will someone please go and see what is wrong with that cat!!!"  Then jolted awake to find, they were fighting over momma Sami.  So, here I sit typing not truly awake, but not sleepy enough to go back to bed.  I had to get up early anyway.  Isaiah has his first dentist appointment this morning.  I think he chipped his back tooth a few weeks ago eating hard candy.  At least that is what it looks like to me.  And I think I saw one little tiny speck... which could be a cavity.

The other boys' went for there dentist appointment on Monday.  Logan was cavity free and Zack had one cavity.  What is funny, is that Zack is my clean freak when it comes to hygiene and all.  Logan may brush his teeth and go a few days.  I have to ask him if he brushed his teeth.

Brian's grandmother passed away on Monday night.  She really got sick toward the end.  Her grave side funeral is on Friday.  Brian was really close to her when he was younger.  They would go camping together, yard saleing, and stuff like that.  Mary loved a good yard sale.  She took me a few times and let me tell you, she wore me out.  It was FUN though. Mary was a lot like that nursery rhyme... "Mary Mary quite contrary..., but she she was a hoot too. Mary did not put up with nothing.  She was a feisty woman.  Even as she grew older she was still a wild cat. Mary was a one of a kind jewel.  I don't think there will ever or was ever a person like her.

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