Monday, August 16, 2010

Ode to my aching back!!

Oh my aching back
What have I ever did to you?
I scrub you good in the shower,
I use lotion to smooth out the wrinkles,
I scratch you when you get an itch.

What do I get in return?  Pain!  Unbearable pain.
Pain that leads me to take pills.  Pills that lead me
to sleep and constipation.  Yes constipation! 
Are you happy?  My butt is now unhappy! 
It is all a mind game!  And my mind is still fuzzy
from the pills!

My kids are loving this.  They see mom in bed and think
it is time to let all hades break loose.
I take more pills to not hear the noise. 
Afraid they may be killing one another and I can
not move! 

Hubby is trying to make dinner and I smell smoke.
Is the house on fire or is that just the pot roast?  Praying
it is just dinner, I take yet another pill.  Why not?  I
am unable to move anyway!  If the house is on fire... just spray the bed
down real good.  Maybe that will keep he flames away.
And they say OLD AGE is a drag?

The above poem was written while intoxicated on Lortabs... thanks to my back!