Thursday, November 4, 2010

When it rains it pours (normally)

On Tuesday night as Brian was coming home from work, he was in a car accident.  He was coming through the light at RT 35 and RT 60.  The other driver was turning and claimed he did not see Brian.  Umm, hello it was 8:30 @ night and the guy did not see headlights.  Brian acted quickly and was able to avoid a head on collison, but my Bravada no longer has a left side bumper.  The passenger door on the drivers side is dented in a bit and paint is scratched off.   We think he did a bit of damage to the gas tank as well.  I have not taken any pictures but will soon.  Honestly it could have been a lot worse.  Brian, thank the Lord was NOT hurt!!

Yesterday, Brian had to get hay for the goats, so he and Mark went and did that.  I stayed home until around 2 and we all went to lunch.  We ate at a Hibachi place in Teays Valley.  The food was really good, but to me it was not good enough for the price we paid!!  Taste of Asia  We missed the lunch menu prices by 5 minutes so we had to pay for the dinner prices.  Then we went to Big Lots.  I have to say they have a lot of unique items out for gifts.  I think when Brian gets paid I am going to hit Big Lots again and get some Christmas stuff. 

Last night at church Isaiah showed himself, so I had to go downstairs.  Isaiah has been a hand full lately.  They say terrible 2's.... let's try terrible 3's!! 
Yes this adorable face is the face of a terror!  He is driving up the wall and down another!  Oh the whinning.... it is driving me crazy! "Mom this and Mom that"..... say that with a whine! 

On a greater note both Zack and Logan got the "B" honor roll!  Zack would have had the "A" had it not been for him missing one assignment.  That one assignment costed him enough...his final grade was a 92.49.... grrr.... !!