Sunday, March 28, 2010

My reviews and freebies

I did my own review on a few items.  I have been trying to find shampoo and leave in conditioner  good for my hair.  I have very long hair and if I do not put leave in conditioner in my hair it looks ratty.  My aunt talked about Pantene and how good it was.  So I decided to buy some and try it and I am in LOVE!  My hair is so shiny and silky soft.  I won't go back to any thing else!!!  For leave in conditioner I always used Aussie.  One day I was at Rite Aide and was looking and saw Garnier Fructis leave in conditioning cream.  It was on sale for $2.99 regular price was $5.99.  I decided to try it and I am in LOVE!  This is the best leave in I have ever tried.  Bye Bye Aussie!!
Another review I did was on a sample I got in the mail.  I was sent 3 in 1 Purex.  I decided to try it and I am not that crazy about it.  I have used Purex laundry detergent in the past and it cleaned fairly well, but this 3 in 1 left dirt on my sons jeans.  I have also used Purex fabric softner and it did fine too, but the softner that is supposed to be in the 3 in 1 does not even leave a scent on the clothes nor make the clothes soft.  Sorry 3 in 1 but you are a no go for my family!!

I have received a lot of freebies this week thanks mail man!!!

1. Purex 3 in1
2. South Beach smores bar
3. Cream of Wheat packet
4. Pillsbury calendar
5. A bunch of garden seeds
6. Flower seeds and food
7. Raisin cookbook
8 Serena's Sea Salt 2 packets

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cleaning up and changed things

When I last left off, I had told you that Brian surprised me with taking Tuesday off from work. On Wednesday we spent 51/2 hours cleaning the church basement. We had to clean a room out and get it ready for the little pre-school/kindergarten Sunday School. This room was not just messy, it was packed full of unwanted, leftover, this and that of all ages. We found paper’s dated back to the 1800's. Well, not that far back, but it seemed like it! While Brian lifted and carried out chairs and shelving, I cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen. After I got that done I cleaned all the tables and desks that we put out for our Youth. By this time Brian was filling up totes with old hymnals and those 1800 papers, I cleaned and scrubbed the bathroom. The room was finally cleaned out and ready to be vacuumed and rid of spider webs.

I spent Thursday and most of Friday picking up decorations and supplies for the new class. Guess who the teacher is? Me! I am so excited. I used to teach and took a break. I taught for 14 yrs and have had 2 yrs off, so I am more than ready to give it a go once again. The pre-k/k room is bright and cute! I will take a picture of it to share on Sunday. I was counting and I should have about 5 kiddos to teach. This should be FUN! I am hoping this will help Annette separating the different ages up. It was total or should I say has been total chaos for her. Trying to teach little ones with the older ones, just was not cutting it.

Tonight is our youth program. We are having a pizza party using the Arnold’s Sandwich thins I won. I am going to make a spinach/artichoke dip (TGI Friday’s) recipe and brownies. Incase some do not like or want to try the dip there will be cheetos. The dip is so good you can not just eat one chip, you eat and eat! We will have a lesson and games as well. I bought some new and improved prizes that I think each kid will love. Our box is filled to the brim! I know Logan was in awe as I was loading the box.  What lucky kids!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

16 years and counting!

Today was mine and Brian's 16th anniversary.  He surprised me by taking the day off from work.  We had a great day together!  He took me to Catherine's and I got an outfit and then to TJ Max and he got me 3 shirts. He told me he would do anything I wanted to do (this was my day)!  I have the WORLD'S greatest hubby!  We went to a children's clothing resale shop and got Isaiah some much needed clothes.  Then we went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Huntington.  We ate there before and their food is just so good!  Then we went to Good Will and I found a book for Sunday School and I got a purse.  After that we went to the Mall and I got some lotion from Bath and Body works and some other things at Family Christian Book store.  We took Isaiah with us and he saw the bunny and wanted to sit on his lap.  We got his picture taken and it is too cute!  We bought a package so each set of grandparent will have a photo.  Brian got his gift from me here at home... add  a red negligee and you get the picture! Oh la la!!  

A toast to many more years together!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Recant of the days gone by (LONG POST)

It has been since Tuesday for a post.  I have been enjoying this nice weather and have had no time to think about the blog.  So sorry bloggie, but you have came to be second to the weather.  Okay so are you wondering what has been going on in Haber land?  If not I am going to tell you anyway!  So there, nanny, nanny boo boo! 

On Wednesday I waited for Suddenlink to come and hook us up for phone service.  We have their internet already, but wanted to get their phone.  They were suppose to be here anywhere from 8:30 am to noon.  I hate a gap.  They did not show, so I called and then they said the tech guy called and no one answered.  I never heard the phone, but that could have been because I was on the porch helping Brian build a rabbit cage.  Oops!  So then they said he would be here by 5 pm.  At 6 he still had not showed up and we had church at 7.  They told me to wait until 6:30 and if he still did not come then we could reschedule.  What a wasted day!  They did not come at all and I had to reschedule for this coming Wednesday and yes for the hours of 8:30 to noon once again!  There is nothing like waiting!  I despise it!  We left church and as we getting out of the Bravada I heard a hissing sound.  My first thought was we have a leak in the tire, then I saw smoke coming from under the hood.  Great!  We had an anitfreeze leak.  After church We carefully drove it home.  Brian would not be able to take a look at until Thursday.  I so did not like this cause I had to get groceries and medication.

On Thursday morning I called my sister and she came and picked me up.  Isaiah is NOT a morning person and that is with a Big NOT!  When she got here it was a struggle to get him to cooperate to get in the car seat.  He finally settled down and was a happy camper.  I got to Kroger and did the shopping and picked up my prescription.  It was funny shopping with Melanie.  I shop with coupons and when I would pick up something she would say, "I guess you have a coupon for that too."  On some things I did and others I didn't.  My grocery bill before coupons was $228.00 and after coupons it was $146.00.  I saved $64.00!!  I went to Kroger so I used my Kroger card as well.  My aunt Teresa sends me coupons every other week.  What I can't or don't use I pass them on to my sister or whomever.  It pays off!  We left Kroger and ventured toward my brother's house to see their newborn bore goat.  Ariel, my neice name has named her Dottie.  She is the cutest thing ever!  The mother died so Brandy (sister inlaw) is having to bottle feed it. 
(this is not Dottie)
I wanted to show a pic of a baby bore goat.  They are so cute!!!

Ariel (red head) and Shayla (pig tails) both of my neices

After the visit, Melaine took me up to Mrs. Whites old farm.  As a kid I would take walks up through there and pretend I lived in her house.  Of course Mrs. White did not live there she was dead, and the house was vacant a lot of times unless it was rented out.  The house was a very old white clapboard farm house.  It had no electric or running water.  There was a spring across the way which had the best water ever in it.  There was an old iron tub by the spring to take an outdoor bath.  Nothing like country right?  Mrs. Whites house was at the head of the holler' and in reality if one would decide to take a bath in the grand outdoors you more than likely would not be seen, unless you were me.  It would be my luck some mountain man would come through the forest right at the time I dropped my robe!  Loggers are taking all the logs off the property, so it does not look the same.  The house is now gone, and nothing resembles the fact that once someone lived there.  It was sad, all that is left is memories of the days gone by.

Who are these three cuties?  Why it is Robbie (left) Tina (middle) Melaine (right)

We all grew up in the country.  Melanie and Robbie still live on the old farm place.  When I got married Brian had already bought the land we lived on so I did not take any of my dad's land when he passed away.  It is funny how time changes not only people, but the surrounding around us.  Once there was a house and now the house is gone.  But memories will never leave.
We stopped by Melanie's place to get a cooler.  By this time we were afraid my groceries had began to thaw.  Actually they were still in good shape, but it is better to be safe than not.  She took me on home and helped me get the food into the house.  I have a great sister don't I?

On Friday, Melanie and I decided to get Shayla and Isaiah together for a playdate.  We picked up McDonald's and took them to Nitro city park.  They had a blast.  Isaiah has been scared of slicky slides forever.  I guess watching Shayla go down them, made him want to.  He was slow at first, but then gave into the temptaion.

My little man is growing up!

While at the park I ran into some of my homeschool friends.  I sure do miss those days!  We left the park and headed home.  Later that night we had youth.  Brian did not get to help me much, due to our Bravada.  My brother came by the church and helped him put a thermostat in but our problem is still not fixed.  They found that a gasket in behind the water pump is bad, so today after my nephew's birthday party the guys are going to fix that.

I had a good week overall!  I even had a good week with freebies!

1. Tide sport sample
2.  3 stage 5 pampers
3. $3.00 off coupon on Tide
4. Kotex packet
5. Uniball red ink pen
6. Indian dream catcher
7. Address labels
8. Note paper

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sometimes you feel like a nut, then other times you feel like an entire FRUITCAKE

I am not talking nuts and fruitcakes ladies and gentlemen.  I am talking about none other than me, myself, and I!  I have suffered with depression since my accident in 1993.  I dealt fairly well with it, but after I got pregnant with my first baby I slowly began to digress.  I thought it was just Postpartum stuff, but it was not.  I ended up not being able to go off the pills I was given.  When I did try, I would just cry uncontrollably.  At that point I was on 100 mg of Zoloft.  They worked great, but unfortunately my insurance would not cover them anymore.  They then tried me on Prozac.  Ha, that was like taking water and so then it was Paxil.  I felt like a living earthquake.  I would tremor terribly on the inside.  Then it was Celexa (citalopram)  I started on a 20 mg dose and now I take 40 mg.  I love it and feel so normal.  Well I have been out for like 2 weeks.  I had a prescription but I guess the baby lost it for me.  I was doing fine and thought just maybe I could go off the stuff, but yesterday was a BAD day.     The simplest task I could not even do it.  Then right before Brian came home I went through a big crying spell!  Then well I got sick!  This morning I called my doctor to see if she would call in my medication!  No more trying to go off for me!  I don't want to be any crazier than I already am!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I had posted then changed my mind

I had made a post but then changed my mind about making it public.   Sometimes venting helps a heavy heart, but in this case if someone would read what I wrote it may have done more damage then good.  Being a pastor's wife is not all fun and games!  When life gives you lemons do you make lemonade?
I try to make the best out of life, but sometimes it is hard to just roll with the punches.  To just suck it up so to speak.  Before the Lord saved me, I would just lash out without even blinking an eye.  I have learned to bite my tongue quite well!  OUCH!

I was outside yesterday and I have some yellow, purple, and white flowers coming up in my flower bed.  I am unsure of the names of them.  I planted them with the boys during Science class two years ago.  I also saw my first Robin.  Spring is definately on it's way!

by Kaitlyn Guenther

S o many flowers are blooming.

P etite little squirrels come out to play.

R eally big bears awake from their slumbers.

I maginative children enjoy a walk with their friends.

N o tree is left standing without any leaves. So

G o ahead, jump for joy because spring is here.

I am still enjoying my freebies that I am collecting!  This past week I got:

1.  2 samples of dog food by Rachel Ray
2.  sample of Fekkai shampoo
3.  one underjam

It was not a good week on samples but it beats getting bills in the mail!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Freebies, Deals, and a Date Night

I will start off with the freebies I have been getting in the mail.  They are small samples, but I love them.  I love being able to try something and if we like it then possibly buy it.  So for last week I got:

 An Atkins kit with 3 Atkins bars
Breath Right (Extra) 
Yogi Tea
Arm and Hammer tooth paste
Poise pads
A coupon for free already cooked bacon from Sugardale

Not bad, is what I say!!!

Now for my deal of the week.  I went to a new candle shop in St. Albans called Scent-sations.  The owner was having a 50% off sale on all tarts and candles.  I bought a few tarts and then I spotted a basket on the floor with a sign everything in it for 50 cents each!  Some of the tarts were huge hearts.  My total was $6.70 but the net worth was over $37.00!!!  I left a happy camper.  I did buy a 2 ounce baby powder scented lotion as well.  It was $4.39, but I believe it is the same or better than Bath and Body Works.  You do not have to use that much and it leaves your hands feeling soft. smooth, and silky.  Not to mention smelling GREAT!!!  I just checked out the price of the lotion at Bath and Body works and for an 8 ounce bottle of lotion it is $10.50.  Scent-sations lotion is more expensive, but it was a definite treat.  I do have enough points using my Chase debit card to get a nice gift card from Bath and Body works.  I may pay them a visit and get some lotion.  I might try the lemongrass/sage. Has anyone ever tried that smell?  If not what is your favorite Bath and Body Works scent?

Now on to my date night!  Brian decided to take me out to eat on Saturday night.  We finally sold our old Bravada, so he wanted to give me a treat.  Logan was with my father in law and Zack wanted to stay with my mother in law.  We took the baby with us.  I thought we were going to go to Ponderosa, but then he asked if I would like Olive Garden.  So of course I said yes.  When we got there it was going to be over an hour wait.  Not with a baby!!  So we headed on down to Huntington.   I said what about Mexican?  We do not like eating in a place with a bar.  We stopped at Los Mariachis and looked in before going all the way in.  We did not see a bar!  The fiesta (party) room was away from the dining area. We got seated and they brought out a basket of home made nachos and salsa.  We were sitting in a corner booth and I think we were forgotten.  Then one of the guys noticed and it seemed we did not have one waiter we had three!  We got our drinks and ordered a dinner for two with chorizo, shrimp, chicken, carne asada, beans, rice, garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes, pico,de gallo, guacamole, and tortillas.  In other words they brought out a plate with sour cream, beans and cheese, rice, lettuce, and a tomato on it.  Then they brought out a steaming hot skillet of shrimp, mushrooms, onion, chicken, and steak ready for you to fix your own tortillas.  It was sooooooo good!!!  I know we will go back.  Brian loved it.  The only thing that we did not like was all the alcohol advertisements.  It was everywhere, a little over kill really!  I am so thankful we found a Mexican restaurant with the bar away from the dining area!!!  Ole'!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Haiku Poem for Contest

I am going to try my wit at writing a Haiku poem which I have not done since high school.  A mere 20 yrs!!  Ouch that hurt!  If you are interested in entering this contest click the link mymommysplace.
There are prizes involved so what are you waiting for?
"A mom's Life"
by Tina Haber

A mom's life is great
seeing my children grow into good boys
serving the Lord with happiness.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I saw the sun!! Did you?

So this is what the sun looks like?  I think I almost forgot.  We sure have had our fair share of winter weather.  I know the Lord knows what he is doing, but I was so happy to see the sun.  It is funny how the weather can change our moods.  I know for me, I felt alive today.  I wanted to go somewhere.  I wanted to raise my windows and let my house air out.  Of course it is still too chilly to do that, but it sure is going to be great when we can!  I had to go out today and get some feed for the animals and there was a L-O-N-G line of cars to get their cars washed.  I so wanted to get the Bravada washed, but did not have the extra time.  So I am sure one of the boys will be dying to write on my back window "WASH ME!"

(This is a picture of the restaurant in Huntington)

On Wednesday Brian and I had some things to do and while we were out we stopped to eat lunch at a new restaurant in South Charleston called "Jamaican Cuisine".  I have never been to Jamaica nor ate that type of food.   I was not sure really what to order.  Brian and I have both ate goat meat before, so we went with Curry Goat.  I have never ate curry before and so we ordered it mild.  Well their mild is like hot to us!  We sure did our drinking!  My lips even burned! The overall atmosphere was great.  The walls were painted the colors of the Jamaican flag (green, black, and yellow).  On one wall there was a beach view.  The water was a a crystal blue. They also played island music for your dining pleasure.  I asked Brian if he felt like he was on the island?  He said, "No, why?"  I said just look at that picture and close your eyes.  If there was a small breeze you could be in Jamaica.  Brian kinda looked at me and said, "Do you really feel that way?"  I said, "NO, but it is wishful thinking!"

I think we are going to go back on next Wednesday to try something else or we may try the Vietnamese Restaurant.  If you can't go there, why not try the food?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dreams can seem so real

Last night I had a very crazy dream.  I realize that dreams are normally from our subconscious, but I honestly have no idea about this dream.  Here is how the dream went.....

The family and I went on a camping trip, not sure where, but alas a camping trip.  We were unpacking and I had told Brian I was going to go to the bathroom and he was going somewhere else.  Isaiah had said "he wanted to go with daddy".  So off to the privy I went.  I came back to meet Brian and there was no Isaiah.  He thought Isaiah went with me and I thought Brian had him or at least had heard him say he wanted to go with daddy.  So we formed a search party with other campers looking for Isaiah.  I was deep in a very green forest screaming and crying for Isaiah, but no Isaiah was to be found.  We all met back and Brian saw something that caught his eye coming down a path.  It was Isaiah and he was naked.  He looked strangely at us.  Behind him was two people.  A man and a woman.  I went and grabbed up Isaiah and hugged him, but his eyes were not blue, they were a dismal grey.  He looked confused.  The woman said "let go of my child".  Brian spoke up and told her that Isaiah was our baby.  The woman said "no he is my child".  She looked evil with red hair and icy blue eyes.  The man looked even more evil with reddish hair, a black and white beard, and black eyes.  I held on tightly to Isaiah and he began to squirm.  The woman than yelled, "reshaw"!!  I said no his name is Isaiah.  She then yelled again, "reshaw"!!  Isaiah came out of my arms turned into the most magnificent bird I have ever seen and flew into a nearby tree.  I started crying and begging Isaiah to come back to me.  He looked at the woman and then looked at me.  He flew back to me and changed back from bird to child.  I took a picture of the man and woman and said I was going to call the police.  She sneered and said it would do no good, it never does, they will never find us.  We started running away with Isaiah and she said you can not run nor hide from us we will get our child!!  We came to the end of a path and saw a blue river with high mountains around it.  On top of the mountains was snow.  We stood in awe just seeing the beauty.  The man and woman came near and said give us our child.  We said No!  The woman again yelled "reshaw"!!  I said no Isaiah stay here with mommy.  I love you!  He looked at me with sad eyes, but changed into an eaglet and flew into the sky.  He was flying over the blue river joining other eaglets.  They were circling above us and the woman laughed with an evil laugh and said see I won, I have another child.  Oh no you don't I said.  I began screaming for Isaiah to come back to me.  He flew near me, but then quickly flew away.  I screamed and screamed for him and finally he came back to me.  He changed back to a boy and he looked at me with darker eyes.  I told him please stay with me I loved him and gave him a kiss.  At that moment his eyes went from a dark almost black to blue.  The spell had been broken.  I looked at the woman and told here a mother's love will outdo her incantations any day!  The police finally got their and they arrested the man and woman.  They put the handcuffs on the woman but she turned into an eagle as well as the man and flew off into the sky with the other eaglets, leaving behind the handcuffs and some pretty confused police.

This dream has troubled me all day.  I looked up the word reshaw and there is no such word, however; there is a definition for shaw, and a definition for re.  Are you ready for this?  It is kinda creepy.....

shaw: A thicket; a small wood or grove. [Obs. or Prov. Eng. & Scot.]

re: Backward; back: react.

So you are probably wondering what I get from that.  The woman was not calling Isaiah "reshaw"  she was telling him to go back to the woods!  Like I said this could not come from my subconscious.  Dreams are normally jumbled up like a pieces of a puzzle.  This was just too vivid.  Everything was vivid.  The colors were like watching t.v.  What do you think?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Scared me to death

Okay I thought mom's were supposed to nice, kind, and loving to their offspring.    Well I have you know my mommy was mean to me tonight.  She sent me an e mail and I thought hey I will watch it, and well I about pee'd my pants!  It scared the jeebies out of me!  Watch and see for your self!  Oh yes it looks so innocent.  Cute little ducks in a pond, but their is something lurking in those waters!

Did you watch it?  Did it scare you too?  I think my heart is still beating rapidly!  I might have even aged 10 yrs!  So thanks MOM!  You know pay backs are even better!  (evil laughing now)

I have started typing up a cookbook for myself.  The recipes my family really likes, so that I will have them on hand and no one (mainly Brian) can say, "hey something is different about this".  Nope, I followed the recipe I made up!  Ha!  I might make some copies and give them out at gifts.  One can never have too many cookbooks! 

I got my first freebies through the mail.  I got an Atkins packet of 3 different bars to try and also a pouch of benefiber.  Nothing like making sure you go to the bathroom real good!  My boys each took an Atkins bar, and the baby said it was ummy!  So I guess if it is baby tested than it is mother approved!  Here are some good freebie sites to try out!

Everyone likes free stuff so have fun!