Thursday, March 4, 2010

I saw the sun!! Did you?

So this is what the sun looks like?  I think I almost forgot.  We sure have had our fair share of winter weather.  I know the Lord knows what he is doing, but I was so happy to see the sun.  It is funny how the weather can change our moods.  I know for me, I felt alive today.  I wanted to go somewhere.  I wanted to raise my windows and let my house air out.  Of course it is still too chilly to do that, but it sure is going to be great when we can!  I had to go out today and get some feed for the animals and there was a L-O-N-G line of cars to get their cars washed.  I so wanted to get the Bravada washed, but did not have the extra time.  So I am sure one of the boys will be dying to write on my back window "WASH ME!"

(This is a picture of the restaurant in Huntington)

On Wednesday Brian and I had some things to do and while we were out we stopped to eat lunch at a new restaurant in South Charleston called "Jamaican Cuisine".  I have never been to Jamaica nor ate that type of food.   I was not sure really what to order.  Brian and I have both ate goat meat before, so we went with Curry Goat.  I have never ate curry before and so we ordered it mild.  Well their mild is like hot to us!  We sure did our drinking!  My lips even burned! The overall atmosphere was great.  The walls were painted the colors of the Jamaican flag (green, black, and yellow).  On one wall there was a beach view.  The water was a a crystal blue. They also played island music for your dining pleasure.  I asked Brian if he felt like he was on the island?  He said, "No, why?"  I said just look at that picture and close your eyes.  If there was a small breeze you could be in Jamaica.  Brian kinda looked at me and said, "Do you really feel that way?"  I said, "NO, but it is wishful thinking!"

I think we are going to go back on next Wednesday to try something else or we may try the Vietnamese Restaurant.  If you can't go there, why not try the food?


JOY said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! I have never eaten at that kind of restaurant yet. Thanks for the warning about Curry. I heard it is hot now I know for sure. Love you!

Teresa said...

I love trying foods from other countries. Terry does too. There's a Vietnamese restaurant close to where he lives and he goes there a lot for lunch. Have a good day.