Friday, March 26, 2010

Cleaning up and changed things

When I last left off, I had told you that Brian surprised me with taking Tuesday off from work. On Wednesday we spent 51/2 hours cleaning the church basement. We had to clean a room out and get it ready for the little pre-school/kindergarten Sunday School. This room was not just messy, it was packed full of unwanted, leftover, this and that of all ages. We found paper’s dated back to the 1800's. Well, not that far back, but it seemed like it! While Brian lifted and carried out chairs and shelving, I cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen. After I got that done I cleaned all the tables and desks that we put out for our Youth. By this time Brian was filling up totes with old hymnals and those 1800 papers, I cleaned and scrubbed the bathroom. The room was finally cleaned out and ready to be vacuumed and rid of spider webs.

I spent Thursday and most of Friday picking up decorations and supplies for the new class. Guess who the teacher is? Me! I am so excited. I used to teach and took a break. I taught for 14 yrs and have had 2 yrs off, so I am more than ready to give it a go once again. The pre-k/k room is bright and cute! I will take a picture of it to share on Sunday. I was counting and I should have about 5 kiddos to teach. This should be FUN! I am hoping this will help Annette separating the different ages up. It was total or should I say has been total chaos for her. Trying to teach little ones with the older ones, just was not cutting it.

Tonight is our youth program. We are having a pizza party using the Arnold’s Sandwich thins I won. I am going to make a spinach/artichoke dip (TGI Friday’s) recipe and brownies. Incase some do not like or want to try the dip there will be cheetos. The dip is so good you can not just eat one chip, you eat and eat! We will have a lesson and games as well. I bought some new and improved prizes that I think each kid will love. Our box is filled to the brim! I know Logan was in awe as I was loading the box.  What lucky kids!!


Teresa said...

I love the sandwich thins, especially the wheat one. Have a nice day!

JOY said...

I know you love teaching honey! When Isaiah goes to school, I hope you sign up to be a teacher or a substitute teacher in his school. That would be great for you. Or, even go back to college and get your degree!