Tuesday, March 23, 2010

16 years and counting!

Today was mine and Brian's 16th anniversary.  He surprised me by taking the day off from work.  We had a great day together!  He took me to Catherine's and I got an outfit and then to TJ Max and he got me 3 shirts. He told me he would do anything I wanted to do (this was my day)!  I have the WORLD'S greatest hubby!  We went to a children's clothing resale shop and got Isaiah some much needed clothes.  Then we went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Huntington.  We ate there before and their food is just so good!  Then we went to Good Will and I found a book for Sunday School and I got a purse.  After that we went to the Mall and I got some lotion from Bath and Body works and some other things at Family Christian Book store.  We took Isaiah with us and he saw the bunny and wanted to sit on his lap.  We got his picture taken and it is too cute!  We bought a package so each set of grandparent will have a photo.  Brian got his gift from me here at home... add  a red negligee and you get the picture! Oh la la!!  

A toast to many more years together!!!

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Teresa said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Glad you had a great day and I'm sure Brian loved his gift as much as you loved what you got. Take care.