Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ER visit

I decided to call the kids' pediatrician yesterday.  At first they just wanted to see Isaiah today, but then they called back and said they wanted him to go to the ER.  So off to waiting for HOURS.....!  I had to go to the shop and pick up Brian first and then we got tot he ER around 7:45pm.  Time went by, I am thinking 20 minutes and then we were taken back to our cubby hole.  There the waiting torment began!  I am guessing we sat there for like another 20 minutes before the doctor saw us, but we had the nicest nurse.  He kept coming back checking on us.  He sure was a highlight to our evening!  Nurse Joe, was a short guy probably about 4 ft 9.  He had started off being a paramedic (19 yrs), then an LPN (6 yrs), and now an RN (7 months). He kinda reminded me of one of Santa's elves. *wink* You can tell he picked the right hospital to work at.  He absolutely adores kids!  Yes we got the whole history on this! He was quite the character.  After all the fluids, antibiotics, and potassium was ran through, I think we left the hospital around 5:45 am.   So, you are probably wondering what was wrong with him by now?  Dehydrated, his potassium and sodium were low, and he has an ear infection.  Isaiah was a real trooper through the whole ordeal.  He never cried over getting blood drawn, nor did he cry when they started his IV.  He did cry because they put the IV in left hand and well that is his favorite thumb.  So you can say he was NOT a happy camper.  No thumb to suck!  Oh I know he has another thumb, but it is NOT his left one and he refuses to suck anything but the left thumb. That is his special thumb people!  We even tried to soothe him with a soothie pacifier.  Umm, nope!   So a 10 hour waiting torment for us all.  We had not ate anything so on the way home we stooped at Hardee's.  That was the grossest food I ever ate.  I am going to write a complaint or call.  No sense in giving someone food that has been reheated or tasted that way anyway and then even if it was reheated it was cool.  The only thing good was the drink! What a night/morning.
After we got home, the baby crawled into our bed and sighed a BIG relief.  I think we all did for that matter.  I see my bed right now and think, boy that sure looks good.  It really is saying come lay down, you know you want too.  And hey I sure do!  Wonder if Isaiah would like a nap?

Monday, December 28, 2009


I am beginning to get a bit cranky myself.    Isaiah has been sick and well today he was a cranky little feller'!  I sure could use a good calgone retreat!

I tried to get some much needed house work done, but due to a cranky little feller', I couldn't.  Laundry is still calling my name.  Some still needs to be washed and lots need to folded!  I have lysoled all toys and furniture.  Tomorrow I will bleach the floors, unless Isaiah is a crank butt again.

I think you are getting the picture of what has been going on around here.  Enough said!

Friday, December 25, 2009

World War 3 (the drama edition)

The day started off so nice and peaceful.  Logan had spent the morning with the in laws, while Brian and I enjoyed just laying in bed with not having to be in a rush to go anywhere.  I got up around 10 am and put Mrs. Turkey in the oven for her sunbathing session and then began cleaning the house the best that I could without electric.  Zack played with his PSP and Isaiah was just enjoying his time with daddy.  The sun began to shine even brighter so Brian decided it was time to tackle the driveway a bit more so we could haul the turkey and dressing down via the Bravada to the in laws and not have to carry it down by foot.  Carrying it down by foot would be a mission that I did not want to have to accomplish unless I had to.  Slipping and sliding was NOT on my morning agenda.  As Brian and Zack worked on the driveway, Brian decided to reward Zack by going to the Game Shop and get a few more games for the game cube.  I am thinking the time was 1 pm, dinner was supposed to be around 2 pm, but my in laws are never on time so I figured we would be safe for 2:15 possibly 2:30.  While Brian and Zack were gone the baby had decided to snuggle on the couch and take a much needed nap.  I on the other hand started to read a book and then the phone rang, the time was 1:45. It was the mother in law and she was none to happy.  She began to yell at me cause Brian had took off to the Game Shop.  Saying Brian knew dinner was at 2 and yada, yada.  I could visually see the veins coming out of her neck.  I mean what did she think I could do?  It is not like I have wings to fly down and retrieve her son, and Brian did have 15 more minutes until d-time.  After a bit she seemed to calm down and so I thought all would be well.  Brian arrived home around 2:20 and he help me load up Mrs. Turkey and her dressing.  I warned him about how upset his mother was and he thought nothing of it.  Wrong answer!!  As we opened up the front door, the bombs started blowing up in our faces!  I think Hitler would have ran back home to his mother and hid under his childhood bed!  I decided to retreat to the couch and Brian kept standing in front of the door.  I had did my good deed for the day and cooked that blasted turkey, so I was thinking hey they could just enjoy the food, I would rather go back to my mountain of peace and quite.  Brian calmly stood there like a hero and did not say anything until they were finished... and then the bomb from our side ended it all.  You see, anytime I have a dinner or a birthday party his parents are NEVER on time.  I am not talking one time, EVERY TIME!!  And when I say late, lets say an hour. The joke we have for my father in law is that he would be late to his own funeral.  Okay lest I digress any further, back to our bomb that just exploded.  Brian said all the above, about how they are always late and he is late ONE time and gets the 3rd degree.  I am still sitting on the couch and then all of the sudden my mother in law retreats to the bathroom.  I felt so bad for  her, cause honestly it is not her fault they are late it is my father in laws.  My mother in law does not know how to drive--- this is another story---.So while she is in the bathroom, things get quite and everyone begins to eat.  I am still sitting on the couch, thinking about what to do.  Do I stay or do I go?  I stayed.  I did not have much of an appetite after all the fuss, but hey I could stand to lose a few pounds anyway.  While sitting there Brian being the great guy that he is, goes to retrieve his mother from the bathroom.  He talked with her for I know 15 minutes if not more.  She finally came out and ate too.  What happened to a nice, peaceful Christmas Eve?  I am so glad that there is no drama when I go to my parents!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Are we Pioneers or what?

We have been without electric since Saturday.  The good thing is that I can still cook.  Is that a good thing?  I mean I suppose it is since it saves us some money, but who likes to cook by candle light?  I had some oil lamps but with children who like to venture into the attic to see what they are NOT supposed to see... well the oil lamps are not there.  We searched high and low and still no lamps.  Making a note in my brain to buy some lamps and store them somewhere else. Of course my boys are BIG snoops!

We finally got our electric on today at 1:30 pm.  That was a wonderful sight for my eyes!  I got the turkey and dressing done to take to my in laws.  Brian stopped and got a couple of pies for me since it was just too hard to cook in the dark.  They were pretty good not for being homemade.  Hey at least they did not taste like card board or paste.  Eck!!!  I would have much rather made my peanut butter pie and possibly a pumpkin... maybe next year?

Let's see, so much has went on these past few days that I did not have a computer.  I took Brian to the ER on Monday morning cause he was having a kidney stone attack.  He was one sick puppy.  One of his co-workers called and asked "if he had passed the football yet?"  I am sure it feels like a football to him!  The answer to that question is NOT yet!  I think this one is being stubborn, it must be a BOY!   I asked Brian if we needed to start naming the stones?  He did not find that funny!  Hmm....  That night we spent the night with my sister.  That was a blessing!  I got a nice HOT shower!!  Not to mention a nice warm bed to sleep in.  I had to hide the car keys from Brian the next morning cause he was bound and determined to go to work.  Not on my shift he wasn't.  He definately did not need to be driving.  So I was he chauffer for the day.  We went to a couple of thrift stores and got some last minute gifts for the family.  Nothing like last minute!  (rolling eyes)  Then we went back home to the COLD and the dark.  Wednesday I again drove Brian around.  This time to Sissonville (yes to work).  At least I drove him and kept the drunk off the road.  (Pain med's make him act funny)  Anyway we were at work for about 4 hours and then went to yet another thrift store.  I found a toy for Isaiah.  It is a Fisher Price Learn through music system.  A brand new one would cost around 130.00 with 1 CD.  I got one for $9.95 and got 3 CD's with it.  Isaiah is in LOVE!  Here is what the system looks like.    I showed it to my sister and she could not believe the deal that I got!    It was like new... not scratches or anything! I tell ya I love yard sales and thrift stores!!!  So on to today's agenda.  I got up to yet another dark day.  I cleaned as best as one could in the dark... well by the light of day anyway.  I did buy one of those sweepers that you push back and forth, like some restaurants use.  It did okay.      I then put the turkey in the oven at 10 am or so.  The rest of my day I just kinda sat around.  Brian took Zack to the Game Shop and got him a couple of games for his game cube.  When he got home we went down to the in laws and enjoyed dinner down there.  The boys made out like bandits once again.  I got some nice shirts and Brian got a electric razor and a nice winter jacket.  Tomorrow we will be going to my mom's.  

Oh and somehow as if dealing  with being in the dark was not enough, Isaiah got a stomach virus.  Yea and puked all over 2 comforters.  Yay... and here I was unable to do laundry for  a week!  Nothing says I love you Mom like puking in my bed!  Not to mention my neck is killing me from not being able to sleep in my oh so comfy bed!  I suppose it could have been much worse!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The gift of giving

Growing up we did not have much, in fact we depended on others to be generous enough to help us through the holidays.  When bad weather would come along, my dad did not get much work, which meant there was not much under the Christmas tree.  I know there is a lot of hype on gifts for Christmas, but to kids it is special.  I  guess that is why some would say my boys are spoiled.  I buy them a lot of stuff through out the year instead of just Christmas.  My sister claims my boys' birthdays are like Christmas.  I just want them to be happy where I had to do without so much.  Speaking of birthday... tomorrow Zack will be 12.  Where has the time went.  It feels so weird that I am going to be dealing with a teenager soon.  Oh Lord please give me the grace!!!

Today Brian and I traveled to Huntington to drop off gifts for two boys we adopted for the secret Santa program.  Our local paper had a list of ones in need,  and these two boys lost their mother to a severe domestic battery and are living with their grandmother.  It truly was a sad story and we felt that they needed to be blessed.  While in Huntington we looked around at some thrift stores.  I love those stores!!!  They had some really cute stuff.    Anyway I still collect angel stuff and Brian found me a country angel to sit on the hearth.  So I did not leave empty handed.

Isaiah is sick yet again with I believe another ear infection.  I honestly think he needs tubes, but I am only the child's mother.  I hate going to doctors.  You go there and come home with some other type of bug.  We have been fighting off too many already!  I have used so much lysol and bleach it is not funny.  I guess my house is hosting a "BUG" party!  Well I don't like the house's guests, they can leave and then I will party!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

At my house I have all my snowmen on display along with my gingerbread village. I have all my gifts bought, well basically. I still have a couple of things I want to get. I am hoping to get all the families gifts out late next week or the beginning of the following week. I want all gifts to be at their houses before Christmas.

We have been rearranging rooms at the house. Zack now has his own room. He is on cloud nine. Logan and Isaiah will be sharing a room. Not sure how that will all work out, but for now that is the plan. Of course Brian and I still share a room, well until he makes me mad and then he is out with the goats! Ha!

We have been blessed in many ways the past few weeks. Logan killed his first deer, a button buck. He was so happy. Mark, my father in law took some pictures so when I get them I will be placing him in the news paper. Logan also won a coloring contest and won a 15 lb turkey. Then a man from our church who used to be a butcher, cut up two deers for us. My freezer is packed. So all I will have to buy is chicken and fish, along with veggies. That should cut down on my grocery bill.

I made the best chicken enchiladas the other night! Oh yum even the baby had a third helping!!
If you like Mexican (not spicy) then you will love this!

Tina's Enchilada's

1 package of medium burrito shells
1 container of sour cream
1 bag of yellow rice
1 lb of chicken
1 can of chopped tomatoes
a pinch of red pepper
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 cup green peppers
1/2 cup onion (sweet)
2 8 ounce bags of Nacho cheese
1 taco seasoning packet (mild)

Boil chicken until well done and sit a side. In the broth cook the rice according to the package minus the oil it calls for. In a sauce pan place tomato, peppers, onion, sugar, taco seasoning and red pepper. Cook until peppers and onion are soft. Grease a cookie sheet. Take your burrito shells and put chicken, rice, tomato mixture, and some cheese in it. After you have them all rolled up and placed on a greased pan. Pour the rest of tomato mixture on top and sprinkle the rest of the cheese. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Put some sour cream on top and eat up!!!