Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The gift of giving

Growing up we did not have much, in fact we depended on others to be generous enough to help us through the holidays.  When bad weather would come along, my dad did not get much work, which meant there was not much under the Christmas tree.  I know there is a lot of hype on gifts for Christmas, but to kids it is special.  I  guess that is why some would say my boys are spoiled.  I buy them a lot of stuff through out the year instead of just Christmas.  My sister claims my boys' birthdays are like Christmas.  I just want them to be happy where I had to do without so much.  Speaking of birthday... tomorrow Zack will be 12.  Where has the time went.  It feels so weird that I am going to be dealing with a teenager soon.  Oh Lord please give me the grace!!!

Today Brian and I traveled to Huntington to drop off gifts for two boys we adopted for the secret Santa program.  Our local paper had a list of ones in need,  and these two boys lost their mother to a severe domestic battery and are living with their grandmother.  It truly was a sad story and we felt that they needed to be blessed.  While in Huntington we looked around at some thrift stores.  I love those stores!!!  They had some really cute stuff.    Anyway I still collect angel stuff and Brian found me a country angel to sit on the hearth.  So I did not leave empty handed.

Isaiah is sick yet again with I believe another ear infection.  I honestly think he needs tubes, but I am only the child's mother.  I hate going to doctors.  You go there and come home with some other type of bug.  We have been fighting off too many already!  I have used so much lysol and bleach it is not funny.  I guess my house is hosting a "BUG" party!  Well I don't like the house's guests, they can leave and then I will party!

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