Thursday, December 24, 2009

Are we Pioneers or what?

We have been without electric since Saturday.  The good thing is that I can still cook.  Is that a good thing?  I mean I suppose it is since it saves us some money, but who likes to cook by candle light?  I had some oil lamps but with children who like to venture into the attic to see what they are NOT supposed to see... well the oil lamps are not there.  We searched high and low and still no lamps.  Making a note in my brain to buy some lamps and store them somewhere else. Of course my boys are BIG snoops!

We finally got our electric on today at 1:30 pm.  That was a wonderful sight for my eyes!  I got the turkey and dressing done to take to my in laws.  Brian stopped and got a couple of pies for me since it was just too hard to cook in the dark.  They were pretty good not for being homemade.  Hey at least they did not taste like card board or paste.  Eck!!!  I would have much rather made my peanut butter pie and possibly a pumpkin... maybe next year?

Let's see, so much has went on these past few days that I did not have a computer.  I took Brian to the ER on Monday morning cause he was having a kidney stone attack.  He was one sick puppy.  One of his co-workers called and asked "if he had passed the football yet?"  I am sure it feels like a football to him!  The answer to that question is NOT yet!  I think this one is being stubborn, it must be a BOY!   I asked Brian if we needed to start naming the stones?  He did not find that funny!  Hmm....  That night we spent the night with my sister.  That was a blessing!  I got a nice HOT shower!!  Not to mention a nice warm bed to sleep in.  I had to hide the car keys from Brian the next morning cause he was bound and determined to go to work.  Not on my shift he wasn't.  He definately did not need to be driving.  So I was he chauffer for the day.  We went to a couple of thrift stores and got some last minute gifts for the family.  Nothing like last minute!  (rolling eyes)  Then we went back home to the COLD and the dark.  Wednesday I again drove Brian around.  This time to Sissonville (yes to work).  At least I drove him and kept the drunk off the road.  (Pain med's make him act funny)  Anyway we were at work for about 4 hours and then went to yet another thrift store.  I found a toy for Isaiah.  It is a Fisher Price Learn through music system.  A brand new one would cost around 130.00 with 1 CD.  I got one for $9.95 and got 3 CD's with it.  Isaiah is in LOVE!  Here is what the system looks like.    I showed it to my sister and she could not believe the deal that I got!    It was like new... not scratches or anything! I tell ya I love yard sales and thrift stores!!!  So on to today's agenda.  I got up to yet another dark day.  I cleaned as best as one could in the dark... well by the light of day anyway.  I did buy one of those sweepers that you push back and forth, like some restaurants use.  It did okay.      I then put the turkey in the oven at 10 am or so.  The rest of my day I just kinda sat around.  Brian took Zack to the Game Shop and got him a couple of games for his game cube.  When he got home we went down to the in laws and enjoyed dinner down there.  The boys made out like bandits once again.  I got some nice shirts and Brian got a electric razor and a nice winter jacket.  Tomorrow we will be going to my mom's.  

Oh and somehow as if dealing  with being in the dark was not enough, Isaiah got a stomach virus.  Yea and puked all over 2 comforters.  Yay... and here I was unable to do laundry for  a week!  Nothing says I love you Mom like puking in my bed!  Not to mention my neck is killing me from not being able to sleep in my oh so comfy bed!  I suppose it could have been much worse!

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