Friday, December 25, 2009

World War 3 (the drama edition)

The day started off so nice and peaceful.  Logan had spent the morning with the in laws, while Brian and I enjoyed just laying in bed with not having to be in a rush to go anywhere.  I got up around 10 am and put Mrs. Turkey in the oven for her sunbathing session and then began cleaning the house the best that I could without electric.  Zack played with his PSP and Isaiah was just enjoying his time with daddy.  The sun began to shine even brighter so Brian decided it was time to tackle the driveway a bit more so we could haul the turkey and dressing down via the Bravada to the in laws and not have to carry it down by foot.  Carrying it down by foot would be a mission that I did not want to have to accomplish unless I had to.  Slipping and sliding was NOT on my morning agenda.  As Brian and Zack worked on the driveway, Brian decided to reward Zack by going to the Game Shop and get a few more games for the game cube.  I am thinking the time was 1 pm, dinner was supposed to be around 2 pm, but my in laws are never on time so I figured we would be safe for 2:15 possibly 2:30.  While Brian and Zack were gone the baby had decided to snuggle on the couch and take a much needed nap.  I on the other hand started to read a book and then the phone rang, the time was 1:45. It was the mother in law and she was none to happy.  She began to yell at me cause Brian had took off to the Game Shop.  Saying Brian knew dinner was at 2 and yada, yada.  I could visually see the veins coming out of her neck.  I mean what did she think I could do?  It is not like I have wings to fly down and retrieve her son, and Brian did have 15 more minutes until d-time.  After a bit she seemed to calm down and so I thought all would be well.  Brian arrived home around 2:20 and he help me load up Mrs. Turkey and her dressing.  I warned him about how upset his mother was and he thought nothing of it.  Wrong answer!!  As we opened up the front door, the bombs started blowing up in our faces!  I think Hitler would have ran back home to his mother and hid under his childhood bed!  I decided to retreat to the couch and Brian kept standing in front of the door.  I had did my good deed for the day and cooked that blasted turkey, so I was thinking hey they could just enjoy the food, I would rather go back to my mountain of peace and quite.  Brian calmly stood there like a hero and did not say anything until they were finished... and then the bomb from our side ended it all.  You see, anytime I have a dinner or a birthday party his parents are NEVER on time.  I am not talking one time, EVERY TIME!!  And when I say late, lets say an hour. The joke we have for my father in law is that he would be late to his own funeral.  Okay lest I digress any further, back to our bomb that just exploded.  Brian said all the above, about how they are always late and he is late ONE time and gets the 3rd degree.  I am still sitting on the couch and then all of the sudden my mother in law retreats to the bathroom.  I felt so bad for  her, cause honestly it is not her fault they are late it is my father in laws.  My mother in law does not know how to drive--- this is another story---.So while she is in the bathroom, things get quite and everyone begins to eat.  I am still sitting on the couch, thinking about what to do.  Do I stay or do I go?  I stayed.  I did not have much of an appetite after all the fuss, but hey I could stand to lose a few pounds anyway.  While sitting there Brian being the great guy that he is, goes to retrieve his mother from the bathroom.  He talked with her for I know 15 minutes if not more.  She finally came out and ate too.  What happened to a nice, peaceful Christmas Eve?  I am so glad that there is no drama when I go to my parents!!

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