Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ER visit

I decided to call the kids' pediatrician yesterday.  At first they just wanted to see Isaiah today, but then they called back and said they wanted him to go to the ER.  So off to waiting for HOURS.....!  I had to go to the shop and pick up Brian first and then we got tot he ER around 7:45pm.  Time went by, I am thinking 20 minutes and then we were taken back to our cubby hole.  There the waiting torment began!  I am guessing we sat there for like another 20 minutes before the doctor saw us, but we had the nicest nurse.  He kept coming back checking on us.  He sure was a highlight to our evening!  Nurse Joe, was a short guy probably about 4 ft 9.  He had started off being a paramedic (19 yrs), then an LPN (6 yrs), and now an RN (7 months). He kinda reminded me of one of Santa's elves. *wink* You can tell he picked the right hospital to work at.  He absolutely adores kids!  Yes we got the whole history on this! He was quite the character.  After all the fluids, antibiotics, and potassium was ran through, I think we left the hospital around 5:45 am.   So, you are probably wondering what was wrong with him by now?  Dehydrated, his potassium and sodium were low, and he has an ear infection.  Isaiah was a real trooper through the whole ordeal.  He never cried over getting blood drawn, nor did he cry when they started his IV.  He did cry because they put the IV in left hand and well that is his favorite thumb.  So you can say he was NOT a happy camper.  No thumb to suck!  Oh I know he has another thumb, but it is NOT his left one and he refuses to suck anything but the left thumb. That is his special thumb people!  We even tried to soothe him with a soothie pacifier.  Umm, nope!   So a 10 hour waiting torment for us all.  We had not ate anything so on the way home we stooped at Hardee's.  That was the grossest food I ever ate.  I am going to write a complaint or call.  No sense in giving someone food that has been reheated or tasted that way anyway and then even if it was reheated it was cool.  The only thing good was the drink! What a night/morning.
After we got home, the baby crawled into our bed and sighed a BIG relief.  I think we all did for that matter.  I see my bed right now and think, boy that sure looks good.  It really is saying come lay down, you know you want too.  And hey I sure do!  Wonder if Isaiah would like a nap?

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JOY said...

Wow, what a trip! It does take a while to be treated in the ER. I am glad you had a nice nurse for Isaiah. Are you going to take him to a specialist for his ears? I know he is having the same problem I had as a child. I am glad he is feeling better now.