Sunday, May 22, 2011

All is QUIET

As I sit in front of this computer everyone including the cat is sleeping.  I am in awe at how pure, sweet quietness can be such a bliss!  After a long day of "Mom this" and "Mom that"... one can truly cherish some peace and quite.

I got my Sunday School lesson done.  I am going to attempt to teach them a lesson on "How we are all different.  No two people are alike."  I am going to use the book   "Ayana the Tall" as a part of my lesson.

It is a really cute book describing how Ayana felt because she was taller than all the other giraffes.  She felt out of place and clumsy.  She had to deal with feeling unwanted as well.  I want to bring in the fact that God makes us all unique.  He does not make one person alike.  Even identical twins are not alike.  They may look alike, but they have differences as well.  God makes everyone special.  

Anyway I am hoping that this will help the children learn that they are special to God even if someone at school gives them a hard time.  That God loves them no matter what!