Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Airing out DIRTY laundry

Growing up I was always taught not to air your dirty laundry to anyone.  Well I normally don't, but on occasion I will admit I have.  Sometimes I just need someone to talk to.... to listen to me.  Here lately I feel like I am taken for granted.  It is not just the Holiday rush of things, it is just ALL the time.  I know I am homemaker, and very proud to say that I am.  I am glad my husband is able to provide for us without me having to go out and work.  I am glad I could raise my children and not have a daycare do that for me.  I am honored to be a stay at home mom, but being at home DOES NOT mean that is all I do.  I don't sit around the house eating bonbons with my legs propped up reading the newest magazine.  I barely have time to sit let alone read!  Come on I have a 3 year old, who spins entire cicles around me!  I do more than take care of Isaiah.  I have laundry, sweeping, dusting, mopping, folding, ironing, grocery shopping, bill paying, account management, cooking, dish washing, dish drying, taxi cab driving, daycare provider, and my list could go on.   Now if I were to sit down and see what the annual salary were for these individuals..... well let's just do that, shall we?

Laundress: 57,000
House Cleaner: 20,000
Dish washer: 22,000
Accountant: around 31,000
Personal shopper: 30,000
Taxi driver: 20,000
Daycare provider: 16,000

Okay so my worth would be...... $196,000 per year!!!  So who wants to say I sit around all day eating bonbons and reading a magazine?  Well, they have not actually said that, but the implication is there!

The other day it made me think more and more along the taking advantage of lines.  It was my oldest sons birthday.  He turned 13, and I had cleaned the house.  If I know I am going to have company I clean it from top to bottom so to speak.  Well Logan's room needed some major attention, try 1 1/2 hrs of it!  Anyway Logan came home from school looked at his room and there was no thank you, no nothing.  I told Brian I cleaned it, and all he said was it is about time!  HELLO!!!  To me my boys are old enough to clean their own rooms.  They make the mess, they should clean it up!  Okay not only that, but dinner was running a bit on the late side, because my lovely 3 yr old decided to make some extra messes for me to have to clean.  Well there was a remark about I thought dinner was at 6 not 7.  Umm, normally I am right on time or earlier, but this just happened to be a hard day at the office for me!  Well the dinner ended up being at 6:30 no biggie!  Zack's friend came up and so the older boys were in the livingroom bunking, and well let's just say they made a MESS, with a majorly big M!  The next morning I about choked!  My once clean house was disaster zone 101!  No one helped me clean it up.  I felt like a used up rug thrown out to the trash!  No one was even home for me to yell at them.  So dutiful me cleans it all back up as usual.  They all come back home and again not a word is said edge wise.  The only thing said, Mom I am hungry what is for dinner.  You know how much I would love to say, I don't know, you tell me!  I guess all Mom's feel washed up at some point......

Here are some pics of Zack's birthday.....

Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby it's COLD outside and other RANDOM thoughts

It has been a few days since I had to say good-bye to my fur babies.  (All but one)  Sami is finally acting like herself.  She was so upset that her friends had to go, that when I petted her she would NOT even purr.  I felt so bad.  Finally she is back to her playful self and she even brought me a token of her love---- a dead mouse!

She even looks MAD in this picture (Mess with me and I will show you)

Brian and I had a date night on Saturday.  Well we were not totally alone, we had a little tag along named Isaiah.  We went to Red Lobster and had a wonderful time.  I got the parmesean talapia, Brian got flounder and scallops,and Isaiah had grilled shrimp.  After we ate we took Isaiah over to Petland.  Isaiah went in and asked if they had any pigs?  He had just seen some piglets in our magazine "Hobby Farms" and thought they were cute.  Anyway the girl thought he was cute and told him they did not have any piggies but did have bunnies, birds, puppy's, kitty's, and guinea pigs.  We ended up getting (which we did not plan on) a guinea pig.  Isaiah named him "Porky".
Isaiah loves Porky

Sleeping with Porky

Porky all snug

You need to be snug today.  It is colder than blue blazes outside!  We have about 2 inches of white stuff, and it is still coming down.  We were supposed to get more than this, so I guess I can not complain.  I just hate being snowed in to where I can not go anywhere.  That is the thing about living on our hill and winter.

view from our back porch

view from our front porch

The only thing keeping me warm is the socks on my feet and my cup of double hot chocolate!  Oh and of course my snuggly blankie!!  LOL

Saturday, December 11, 2010

It is "Rap" time

I guess it is about time I "rap" up the things that has been going on around here.  We had some friends up for Thanksgiving.. well we all went down to my in laws, but anywho all things were going great until Isaiah had a wee accident.

He ended up with 6 stitches.  This is one of the hardest events in life that I have had to deal with.  He was trooper through it, but just to hear him screaming and crying and there was nothing I could do, killed me!!

It has healed up fairly well. I will have to take another picture soon.  He got the stitches out yesterday.  There is a part of the cut that has not totally grafted together, but the inside is all healed.

Brian and the boys' went deer hunting but no one got any.  There was a BIG buck hanging around and everyone kept saying they were going to nail it, but alas NO ONE did!  Yay Bucky!!  I like venison, but I love to watch deer as well.  They are so meek and graceful!

I have been suffering with allergies a lot lately.  Brian was thinking it was the cats.  My four legged furry friends.  I started off with Annie and then she got pregnant and I kept two of her kittens because they were twins.  Had every intention on getting Annie fixed but she came back in heat quicker than you could say jack rabbit... and had another litter which all died but one and I bottled fed him.  Then someone dropped a Calico off on us and she got pregnant and had 10 kittens and 2 died.  I was able to find them homes, but not Patches.  Okay so I was suffering and Brian was getting upset with all the cats.  Annie, Sami, Toby, Shadow, and Patches.   So yesterday I took them all to the pound except for Sami.  She is my LUV bug!  I hated it, but you know what I do feel better physically.  I am not sneezing anymore and my eyes are not red and painful.  Oh I so hate when the husband is RIGHT!  Grrr...

Isaiah has been going through some terrible 3 stuff.  I can not turn my back without him getting into something else.  The other day he was upset with me cause I would not do something and he dumps his Kool-Aide in my floor.  What did that get him?  A butt busting.  Then he squirted mustard onto Logan's bedroom carpet because Logan had did something.  The kid is like a dog getting back at his owner!  The funniest thing is, the other night we were at Wal-mart and we had went back to get some kitty food, and Isaiah spotted the fish and asked the lady to get him a fish out so he could pet it!  We tried to explain to him you could not take a fish out of water because it would die.  He sat on a dog food bag and  sighed saying "It's just not fair!"

The weather has been very frigid here.  My chickens are hating it!  My mini-roo died.  I loved that rooster.  He was so cute!  I guess where he was so tiny the coldness just got him.  We have heat lamps, but when it gets down under 20 at night, it is hard for the lamps to keep up.  RIP my little Rudy!

Not much else has been going on.  Right now I am suffering with an upper respiratory infection and Zack has a sinus infection.  The doctor gave us both Z-pack to take and he gave me some pills to help with my cough.  Bless you doctor cause those are the best pills!  Tessalon is the name of them and believe me when I say they work!  They are non-narcotic which is a great thing!