Monday, April 26, 2010

Cats vs Children

I have to say that cats are little kids with fur, four legs, and a tail.  They meow until they get what they want.  They look at you as if you were some stupid idiot, and that you should know exactly what their meow means!  I believe cats rule you and not the other way around.

Oh yes those cute fur balls can be little terrors in disguise.  Hey my boys are just like that.  See what I mean? They are kids with fur!  I am telling ya the truth.  If you don't have a cat get one or borrow one for a day or two.  You will see exactly what I mean.  The only problem they weasel their way into your hearts and you just can not say no.  I should know I have four cats of my own.  I had two, but the two made three babies and now I have four.  Just call me the cat lady!

Each of my cats are so different.  Their personalities are unique.  Well just like my boys.  Ms.  Annie the mother is laid back and loves to watch the birds, just like Isaiah.  Toby is sneaky and at a given chance he will pounce and you don't know what hit ya or where he came from.  Sort of like Logan.  There is Sammie she is very loving but don't cross her for she has nails that inflict serious pain.  Well that would be Zack.  Again cats are kids in disguise!  I have another cat Mr. Snowbelle but he is outdoors.  He sort of took the fancy to spraying.  Ugh!  Do you know how hard it is to get that awful smell out?  It is worse than skunk!!  So, Mr. Snowbelle is outside and he actually loves it.  He loves being the farm cat.  He is a good mouser!  Being in the woods and having a mini farm, you need a good mouser!

Yes I love cats!  I have always loved cats.  I will take a cat over a dog any day of the week.  I miss my beloved Milo.  He was the best cat ever. He was a Burmese. I don't think I will ever find another cat like him.  He was super de duper special!  Never had a bit of trouble from him.  He died from fatty liver disease at age 9.  I miss him dearly!  I don't have a picture of him.  I need to scan one, but here is what he looked like.  He was a beauty!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Has it really been that long?

Wow is all I can say!  I just have not had the words to type.  Life has been quite boring or the same thing different day.  Spring Break came and went all to fast for my boys, but right on time for me!  Of course we spent have of it with my PaPa and that was wonderful.  And yes I have already wrote about that!

Isaiah is talking much plainer these days.  He is such a cute little guy.  I just love to squeeze his cheeks.  Today I had to make a run to the post office and as we were driving he said.....

Mom, see the horsey?  I agreed

Mom, see the cow?  I agreed

A little later he said Mom I hungy.  I asked if wanted a cheeseburger?  He said cheesebuger Yes!

I guess seeing the cow made him think of a nice juicy burger!  LOL  Poor cow!  It used to be every animal that he saw in the field was a goat.  I guess since we have goats all animals in the field were goats!  At least we got that straightened out.

Zack and Logan both made the "B" honor roll on their report cards this 9 weeks.  They are doing really well.  Zack has finally made some friends.  In fact he is with his friend Eric tonight.  Logan gets mad, because I still think he is too young to spend the night with friends.  I was 11 the first time I spent the night at a friends house.  How old were you, or your children?  Am I being to mother henish and not wanting to cut the apron strings?  I still want to keep my chicks under wing.

Okay seriously though, my kids are 12, almost 10, and almost 3.  Too precious just to let go!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Brian's 35th birthday, Freebies, and more pics!

I am still sending off for freebies and the past two weeks have not been that great.  I guess my mail man does not like me.

1. Oil of Olay 7
2. Cativa Capsaicin Arthritis Pain Relief (2)
3. BlueSpring super blue stuff (2)
4. Downy Ultra
5. Kitchen Basics "Cooking with stock"
6. Hylands leg cramp pills 
7. Beneficial dog food
8. Magnet for poison control for animals

Maybe this week will be better.  I did get two checks in the mail from Pinecone Research at $3.00 each.  I love doing surveys.  Oh and not sure if I mentioned this, but I did a survey for Amazon and won a $20.00 gift card.

I had promised some more pictures from our mini vacation and so without further a do here they are!

Papa and Isaiah

Logan and his catch of the day

Zack and his catch

Logan being cool

Zack holding up the rocks

As soon as I get my film developed I will post even more pictures for all to view.  We have youth tonight and it is also Brian's 35th birthday!!!!  Happy birthday honey!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our trip ended too soon!

The boys were on Spring Break this week, so Brian decided to take us down to see my Papa!!!  I was so thrilled.  I had not been down there since my Mama passed away 5 years ago.

So we headed out on Monday and arrived at our destination around 5:30, just in time for dinner as my Uncle Linus aka Bob would say.  Papa lives along Lake Chickamauga.  It is absolutely gorgeous!!!  

The boys had a blast fishing.  If the water had been up they would have wanted to go swimming.  Papa said the water was around 60 degrees though.  A little on the chilly side!

Papa took us to the IMAX to watch the .  It was interesting and neat.  It felt like you could touch the stars!  Isaiah was reaching out to touch them.

Papa took Brian, Teresa, and the boys on a hike.  They had a great time and saw some beautiful scenery.  I did not go.  My back and legs would not have been able to take it not to mention Isaiah!  I don't think a stroller would have even made the trip.

When they all returned Brian, Isaiah, Teresa, and myself found some thrift stores to shop at.  We got some great deals.  

Like I said we had a wonderful time and ate some really great food!  I will have more photos soon, so be watching!!!