Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our trip ended too soon!

The boys were on Spring Break this week, so Brian decided to take us down to see my Papa!!!  I was so thrilled.  I had not been down there since my Mama passed away 5 years ago.

So we headed out on Monday and arrived at our destination around 5:30, just in time for dinner as my Uncle Linus aka Bob would say.  Papa lives along Lake Chickamauga.  It is absolutely gorgeous!!!  

The boys had a blast fishing.  If the water had been up they would have wanted to go swimming.  Papa said the water was around 60 degrees though.  A little on the chilly side!

Papa took us to the IMAX to watch the .  It was interesting and neat.  It felt like you could touch the stars!  Isaiah was reaching out to touch them.

Papa took Brian, Teresa, and the boys on a hike.  They had a great time and saw some beautiful scenery.  I did not go.  My back and legs would not have been able to take it not to mention Isaiah!  I don't think a stroller would have even made the trip.

When they all returned Brian, Isaiah, Teresa, and myself found some thrift stores to shop at.  We got some great deals.  

Like I said we had a wonderful time and ate some really great food!  I will have more photos soon, so be watching!!!


Teresa said...

WOW!!! You were so quick updating your blog...I crashed when we got home. So tired!!! Guess that comes with age. I hope to update my blog today. Will also send you the pictures I took. I have some really cute ones of the boys. Take care.

JOY said...

Tina, I am so happy you were able to visit with Papa and with Teresa. They were able to get acquainted with Brian and the children too! I am happy for you!!!