Monday, April 26, 2010

Cats vs Children

I have to say that cats are little kids with fur, four legs, and a tail.  They meow until they get what they want.  They look at you as if you were some stupid idiot, and that you should know exactly what their meow means!  I believe cats rule you and not the other way around.

Oh yes those cute fur balls can be little terrors in disguise.  Hey my boys are just like that.  See what I mean? They are kids with fur!  I am telling ya the truth.  If you don't have a cat get one or borrow one for a day or two.  You will see exactly what I mean.  The only problem they weasel their way into your hearts and you just can not say no.  I should know I have four cats of my own.  I had two, but the two made three babies and now I have four.  Just call me the cat lady!

Each of my cats are so different.  Their personalities are unique.  Well just like my boys.  Ms.  Annie the mother is laid back and loves to watch the birds, just like Isaiah.  Toby is sneaky and at a given chance he will pounce and you don't know what hit ya or where he came from.  Sort of like Logan.  There is Sammie she is very loving but don't cross her for she has nails that inflict serious pain.  Well that would be Zack.  Again cats are kids in disguise!  I have another cat Mr. Snowbelle but he is outdoors.  He sort of took the fancy to spraying.  Ugh!  Do you know how hard it is to get that awful smell out?  It is worse than skunk!!  So, Mr. Snowbelle is outside and he actually loves it.  He loves being the farm cat.  He is a good mouser!  Being in the woods and having a mini farm, you need a good mouser!

Yes I love cats!  I have always loved cats.  I will take a cat over a dog any day of the week.  I miss my beloved Milo.  He was the best cat ever. He was a Burmese. I don't think I will ever find another cat like him.  He was super de duper special!  Never had a bit of trouble from him.  He died from fatty liver disease at age 9.  I miss him dearly!  I don't have a picture of him.  I need to scan one, but here is what he looked like.  He was a beauty!!!


Teresa said...

Terry used to have a cat and for some reason it loved sleeping on my head. Used to drive me crazy....Take care.

JOY said...

I like cats too! Charley doesn't so, I am unable to have any. I am going to get me a puppy someday. I want a Shizhu puppy.