Friday, April 9, 2010

Brian's 35th birthday, Freebies, and more pics!

I am still sending off for freebies and the past two weeks have not been that great.  I guess my mail man does not like me.

1. Oil of Olay 7
2. Cativa Capsaicin Arthritis Pain Relief (2)
3. BlueSpring super blue stuff (2)
4. Downy Ultra
5. Kitchen Basics "Cooking with stock"
6. Hylands leg cramp pills 
7. Beneficial dog food
8. Magnet for poison control for animals

Maybe this week will be better.  I did get two checks in the mail from Pinecone Research at $3.00 each.  I love doing surveys.  Oh and not sure if I mentioned this, but I did a survey for Amazon and won a $20.00 gift card.

I had promised some more pictures from our mini vacation and so without further a do here they are!

Papa and Isaiah

Logan and his catch of the day

Zack and his catch

Logan being cool

Zack holding up the rocks

As soon as I get my film developed I will post even more pictures for all to view.  We have youth tonight and it is also Brian's 35th birthday!!!!  Happy birthday honey!!!


Teresa said...

You are sure getting a ton of freebies...Let us know which one's you like and the one's you don't. Have a nice weekend.

JOY said...

I really enjoyed the pics sugar! I am glad you had a wonderful time.

JOY said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures taken of everyone. Why not one of you? I look forward to seeing Brian's birthday pics. I made me happy to know you had a good time!