Monday, March 1, 2010

Scared me to death

Okay I thought mom's were supposed to nice, kind, and loving to their offspring.    Well I have you know my mommy was mean to me tonight.  She sent me an e mail and I thought hey I will watch it, and well I about pee'd my pants!  It scared the jeebies out of me!  Watch and see for your self!  Oh yes it looks so innocent.  Cute little ducks in a pond, but their is something lurking in those waters!

Did you watch it?  Did it scare you too?  I think my heart is still beating rapidly!  I might have even aged 10 yrs!  So thanks MOM!  You know pay backs are even better!  (evil laughing now)

I have started typing up a cookbook for myself.  The recipes my family really likes, so that I will have them on hand and no one (mainly Brian) can say, "hey something is different about this".  Nope, I followed the recipe I made up!  Ha!  I might make some copies and give them out at gifts.  One can never have too many cookbooks! 

I got my first freebies through the mail.  I got an Atkins packet of 3 different bars to try and also a pouch of benefiber.  Nothing like making sure you go to the bathroom real good!  My boys each took an Atkins bar, and the baby said it was ummy!  So I guess if it is baby tested than it is mother approved!  Here are some good freebie sites to try out!

Everyone likes free stuff so have fun!


Leigh Anne said...

I knew it was coming so it didn't scare me. But, I know a family who has a little boy about 9 now. He has seen this 3 times, once sent by his grandmother. The other two times it was accidental glimpses from an ipod and over the shoulder type thing. the funny thing is it scared him so bad he couldn't sleep for weeks and had nightmares. this last time he saw it he PASSED OUT!

Toneyear said...

Hey, Tina. It's me Tina O from the Lambs of God. Just stopped by your blog. Hope you will come to my site too.
Toneyear's Spot on the Web.
I'll be talking to ya in the group.

Love in Jesus,

JOY said...

Oh, poor baby. My friend scared the crab out of me when I opened it. I have to admit, it funny listening to you. I won't do that again...hmmmmm...maybe...

Teresa said...

Well Tina, there's nothing like good "poo" the Atkins bars will do that do ya'.