Saturday, March 20, 2010

Recant of the days gone by (LONG POST)

It has been since Tuesday for a post.  I have been enjoying this nice weather and have had no time to think about the blog.  So sorry bloggie, but you have came to be second to the weather.  Okay so are you wondering what has been going on in Haber land?  If not I am going to tell you anyway!  So there, nanny, nanny boo boo! 

On Wednesday I waited for Suddenlink to come and hook us up for phone service.  We have their internet already, but wanted to get their phone.  They were suppose to be here anywhere from 8:30 am to noon.  I hate a gap.  They did not show, so I called and then they said the tech guy called and no one answered.  I never heard the phone, but that could have been because I was on the porch helping Brian build a rabbit cage.  Oops!  So then they said he would be here by 5 pm.  At 6 he still had not showed up and we had church at 7.  They told me to wait until 6:30 and if he still did not come then we could reschedule.  What a wasted day!  They did not come at all and I had to reschedule for this coming Wednesday and yes for the hours of 8:30 to noon once again!  There is nothing like waiting!  I despise it!  We left church and as we getting out of the Bravada I heard a hissing sound.  My first thought was we have a leak in the tire, then I saw smoke coming from under the hood.  Great!  We had an anitfreeze leak.  After church We carefully drove it home.  Brian would not be able to take a look at until Thursday.  I so did not like this cause I had to get groceries and medication.

On Thursday morning I called my sister and she came and picked me up.  Isaiah is NOT a morning person and that is with a Big NOT!  When she got here it was a struggle to get him to cooperate to get in the car seat.  He finally settled down and was a happy camper.  I got to Kroger and did the shopping and picked up my prescription.  It was funny shopping with Melanie.  I shop with coupons and when I would pick up something she would say, "I guess you have a coupon for that too."  On some things I did and others I didn't.  My grocery bill before coupons was $228.00 and after coupons it was $146.00.  I saved $64.00!!  I went to Kroger so I used my Kroger card as well.  My aunt Teresa sends me coupons every other week.  What I can't or don't use I pass them on to my sister or whomever.  It pays off!  We left Kroger and ventured toward my brother's house to see their newborn bore goat.  Ariel, my neice name has named her Dottie.  She is the cutest thing ever!  The mother died so Brandy (sister inlaw) is having to bottle feed it. 
(this is not Dottie)
I wanted to show a pic of a baby bore goat.  They are so cute!!!

Ariel (red head) and Shayla (pig tails) both of my neices

After the visit, Melaine took me up to Mrs. Whites old farm.  As a kid I would take walks up through there and pretend I lived in her house.  Of course Mrs. White did not live there she was dead, and the house was vacant a lot of times unless it was rented out.  The house was a very old white clapboard farm house.  It had no electric or running water.  There was a spring across the way which had the best water ever in it.  There was an old iron tub by the spring to take an outdoor bath.  Nothing like country right?  Mrs. Whites house was at the head of the holler' and in reality if one would decide to take a bath in the grand outdoors you more than likely would not be seen, unless you were me.  It would be my luck some mountain man would come through the forest right at the time I dropped my robe!  Loggers are taking all the logs off the property, so it does not look the same.  The house is now gone, and nothing resembles the fact that once someone lived there.  It was sad, all that is left is memories of the days gone by.

Who are these three cuties?  Why it is Robbie (left) Tina (middle) Melaine (right)

We all grew up in the country.  Melanie and Robbie still live on the old farm place.  When I got married Brian had already bought the land we lived on so I did not take any of my dad's land when he passed away.  It is funny how time changes not only people, but the surrounding around us.  Once there was a house and now the house is gone.  But memories will never leave.
We stopped by Melanie's place to get a cooler.  By this time we were afraid my groceries had began to thaw.  Actually they were still in good shape, but it is better to be safe than not.  She took me on home and helped me get the food into the house.  I have a great sister don't I?

On Friday, Melanie and I decided to get Shayla and Isaiah together for a playdate.  We picked up McDonald's and took them to Nitro city park.  They had a blast.  Isaiah has been scared of slicky slides forever.  I guess watching Shayla go down them, made him want to.  He was slow at first, but then gave into the temptaion.

My little man is growing up!

While at the park I ran into some of my homeschool friends.  I sure do miss those days!  We left the park and headed home.  Later that night we had youth.  Brian did not get to help me much, due to our Bravada.  My brother came by the church and helped him put a thermostat in but our problem is still not fixed.  They found that a gasket in behind the water pump is bad, so today after my nephew's birthday party the guys are going to fix that.

I had a good week overall!  I even had a good week with freebies!

1. Tide sport sample
2.  3 stage 5 pampers
3. $3.00 off coupon on Tide
4. Kotex packet
5. Uniball red ink pen
6. Indian dream catcher
7. Address labels
8. Note paper

Have a wonderful weekend!


Teresa said...

You've had a very busy few days. Looks like the freebies are really starting to arrive. Take care.

JOY said...

WOW, you sure have been busy sweetie. It was good to see you at Rob's yesterday! I know the Isaiah and Shayla had a wonderful time at the park. Sounds like you did too! I am happy for you. Love you!

Melanie said...

I love your blog! And freebies make me SO happy too! :)

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I appreciate your encouraging comments!

Suddenlink Help said...

Hi Tina - My name is also Tina and I am with Suddenlink. I am sorry to hear about your missed install appointment last week. If you have any further issues in getting your phone installed, please feel free to contact me at tina-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com and I would be happy to help. Thank you!