Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trash, junk, garbage...another man's treasure

Never knew one could accumulate so much junk!  I decided to clean out my linen closet today and threw away 2 big garbage bags of junk away.  Why in the world I had some of the stuff, I will never know.  A few weeks ago I cleaned out my walk in closet and threw out 3 big garbage bags.  My trash collector loves me!!  Hey I keep them in business!
Yes I have enough garbage that I need to say no to anyone giving away stuff.  On the other hand throwing away stuff does make room for more stuff!  Ha!  The stuff I threw out was not that good really.  Sure there were a few things I could probably have sold at a yard sale, but I am not one to sit out and wait. I would rather take it to Goodwill!  Of course Goodwill's prices have went up.  I guess inflation is causing them to raise prices on donated items!  Geesh....I won't even start on the prices of stuff.  I had better get off my soap box now.

I guess you could say I am "Fall" cleaning early.  I try to clean really good in the Spring and then again in the Fall.  When I do this, I sure can make a mess of the house.  My kitchen floor right now looks like a garbage bin.  All the bags are there. I need to take them to the garage.

Right now all I want to do is vegetate, but alas the chores are calling my name.  Should I answer?


Teresa said...

Tina you blog looks so good. I need you to come up and visit me and show me how you do it. Mine looks so generic.

Tina said...

Hi Teresa! Thanks for the comment. I go to different sites that have blog themes and I found this one and fell in love. You know me though, I like change... so not sure how long I will have this background. I would love to come up and visit!!!

butterjoy said...

I need to go through my closet AGAIN, Charley said he would help me fold clothes but....Oh well, I will get it done when I am able to lift things. Love you baby!