Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh how my knee hurts

About 6 yrs ago I was cleaning and one of the boys was hollering for me and not thinking I went to go to them, and sorta of tripped over my vacuum cord.  I landed on my left knee solid!  It did a popping sound and hurt like the dickens.  I guess walking up and down my hill in the snow has really aggravated it and it is killing me.  I have propped it up on and off today, and I need to put some ice on it, but haven't yet.  I hate sitting still, and well with kids it is hard to sit still.  On top of it all the house has needed some cleaning.  I did not clean it much yesterday, cause I had to get some things for the "Jesus loves me" party for the youth.

The "Jesus loves me" party was a hit.  Brian taught on the greatest love that God gave man.  We ate some pizza, bq wieners, doritos, cake, cupcakes, and pop.  They played some games, won prizes, and each child was sent home with a bag of candy.  I had a craft for them to do but we ran out of time.  I told Annette to just do it with the kids in Sunday School.  Below was the craft they were going to do.

I got my House Party package today.  It is a big box of goodies.  I can't wait for the youth to have some fun again in March.  I will have to take some pictures since I have to post them on House Party.  I am thinking they will make individual pizzas.  I will have each child or family bring an ingredient. That should be fun and again we will have games and prizes.  The kids have a lot of fun!


JOY said...

I am so glad you had a lot of fun with the kids. That party plan sounds really fun to do. Wish I could have come to eat, hint. :) Do you have a knee support to use when it hurts? You can get a band at Rite Aid. It is not too expensive. It just slides up your leg like a stretch band and it does help Charley. I got one for his wrist and it helps support his wrist. Hope your knee feels better soon.

Teresa said...

Sorry about your knee. I can relate, my left knee bothers me sometimes. Take care.