Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wrestle Mania

Have you ever wrestled down a vacuum cleaner?I can honestly say I have!  That evil monster tried to get the best of me today.  It had burned yet another belt, so instead of waiting on Brian to change it out for me I decided to do it myself.  I got all the screws taken out and took the broken belt out then put the new belt back in, but when I tried to bring the long stick thingy up so that the belt was fastened it bucked me!  That dirt DEVIL and yes it is named correctly, did not want to cooperate!  Whomever engineered the vacuum the way they did I would like to lasso them to the ground!  It had to be a man!   If it were a woman, you would not have to struggle with all your might to get the DEVIL back together!  I am thinking that the man needed to keep his mother in mind when engineering the make up of the vacuum cleaner, so she could put a simple belt on without breaking a sweat!  Think about it, who does most of the cleaning in the house anyway.  Is it a man or a woman?  Well, in my house it is me!  So I am thinking in most cases it is a woman!  There is not always a man around to fix simple problems, so why not make it easy for us women.  The bible even states "the woman is the weaker vessel".    I am sure if someone were looking through my living room window today they would have thought I was trying to kill the vacuum.  I had the thing between my legs and pulling as hard as I could to get the stick thingy in place.  When I did, it was not fitting correctly so I had to start all over again.  Next I tried to sit on it and then pull.  Again it did not fit correctly.  This went on and on.  Finally after 20 minutes I got it done!  I won, but my fingers are sore and red!  I was out of breath and sweat pellets was on my forehead!  I am sure if I had been videoed taped, I would have won on the show "America's Funniest Videos".  

I think for my next vacuum I want a robot vacuum!


Leigh Anne said...

What a visual LOL! Glad I don't have carpet!

Teresa said...

I've also struggled with a couple vaccum cleaners in my day...I've lost and won. The one I have now hasn't given me any problems yet...Hopefully, I haven't just jinked myself.

JOY said...

I have changed the belt but no fights, thank goodness.