Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm a SCENT-uous woman

I love to have my house smelling good.  I had got into a hobby of making candles for awhile, but then the hobby died down. I made a bunch of candles and I guess you could say I got tired of it.  I still have all my candle making stuff and maybe one day I will get back into it.  Right now I am using my oils in my tart burners and potpouri crocks.  I like for my home to smell good for when Brian walks through the door.  I need to get some other oil scents to my liking.  Right now I have lemongrass, snuggles, and christmas tree.  The lemongrass has a lemon wax smell (sort of the smell you get when you are at the car wash and it goes through the wax rinse).  The snuggles is like it's name.  Snuggles fabric softner.  The smell is fresh and clean. And christmas tree is non other than a pine scent.  It is a fresh, crisp scent. Love them all!!
I need to get some more oils.  I love lavendar, pumpkin, and cinnamon.  I have been known to put some orange rind, cinnamon, and cloves into a pot water and heat it on my stove.  The smell is so devine!! 

All scents have an effect on a person, whether it makes them hungry, sleepy, or irritated.  Yes scents can irritate a person.  Rose is a scent that irritates me.  It makes my eyes water, and I get a violent headache.  My mother in law had a rose scented candle burning at her house one day and I could not take it.  Needless to say my visit was not long at all. Good way to get rid of unwanted company... LOL! One time I had a chocolate brownie tart burning and Brian was so excited cause he thought I had made a dessert, needless to say it made him hungry for chocolate.  And then there have been times I put lavender oil into my bath water and it just seems to calm me, making for a nice good nights sleep.
I found a site that lists essential oils and guides you through what scents can help with what.  Here is the link to it Aromatherapy  It has links within the site to help learn what oils to use for different conditions or ailments.
Above I listed what scents I have, here I will list what they are good for.

Lemongrass: refreshing, toning, good for relaxation
Clove: warming
Lavender: calming, therapeutic
Orange: relaxing, refreshing
Pine: refreshing, stimulating
Cinnamon: warming, sexual stimulant
Pumpkin: natural aphrodisiac

So you can see what scents you may run into if you come visit my house.  If you like for your house to smell good try these sites to order you some SCENT-uous oils....

Tri State Candle Supply (I have ordered from here)

You will find that most suppliers have around the same pricing.  I am close to Tri-state so I can just drop in and not have to worry about shipping, but if you live away then ordering online would be an option for you.  And sometimes you can get a good deal ordering online, I have found that to be true.  Whatever you chose, I am sure your house will smell great! 


JOY said...

Hi honey,
I love my house to smell good too! I cannot use candles because of Charley but, I can use other scented ways. Thanks for the list of places where I can buy certain aromas. Cool!

Christie Curry said...

Hey Tina,
I am exactly the same way. I LOVE smells! I am so addicted to tarts and candles. Although I am mostly a "warm" scents person, liking anything that has to do with Autumn, spices, etc. I do enjoy a refreshing scent as well. I just purchased several tarts from Yankee candle co. I love their "Island Spa" and "Early Morning". They both smell refreshing. One has ginger, lemon, and tea fragrances. I can't remember what all is in the Island Spa, but it's nice to burn in the bathroom. "Creamy Nutmeg" from Bath and Body works is yummy too! This is a wonderful topic to blog about!
I could list a ton of the tarts I have tried, but it would take up WAY too much space here!
I also will recommend the "Swan Creek Candle Co." here as well. you can find them online, but you can buy the tarts individually at Hallmark if you didn't know. I love the "Glazed Walnut" and "Icebox Lemon"! YUMMY!

Tina said...

Christi I love bath and body works as well, but only on sale ha! I had never heard of Swan Creek. I will look into that! Thanks!

Teresa said...

I use a oil from Bath & Body called Spice. It has a great cinnamon smell.

Tina said...

Yes Teresa you gave me some oil and oh la la!