Monday, January 11, 2010

Manic Monday

It's just another fun day.... Boy that is an old song going through my OLD head.  I was up late last night due to having some company.  We did not get to have church yesterday cause the lot had 6 inches of snow on it and the hill to the church was icy.  I kinda laid around most of the day, just enjoying not doing anything.  That was nice! While laying around Isaiah had some cute things to say.  I told him Brian was my daddy.  He got all upset and no he is mine.  This went back and forth for sometime and finally he said Fine, you can have him!  Then I called him a little booger and he said no, I monkey.  I said you are a monkey.  He said yes, I monkey.  I asked him what a monkey sounded like and he made this eeek eeek noise.  Too cute!   Later on we got a call from some friends from church and they came up for dinner.  Cindy made some homemade lasagna and I made a salad and some garlic bread to go with it.  It was a wonderful treat!  We never get company and so it was nice to have some adult conversation.  The boys were actually good and left us alone so we could talk.  Isaiah was a little ham as always.  He does not get enough attention people!  You come to my house and he will tell you to sit and then drag out all of his toys.  If you try to leave and he will stand in front of the door and tell you to sit again. He is the attention hog! 
Not much on my agenda today.  I do have the regular housework and laundry to do.   Have a funtastic day!


JOY said...

Enjoy him! Won't belong till he is all grown up. Sounds like your friend is a good cook. Did you watch portion control? It is nice to have friends over for a while. Very rarely happens here.

A mom's LIFE (more than just kids) said...

Yes, Mom, Cindy is a good cook. And yes I watched my portions, but I don't talk diet here. I try to keep it to my home life by itself.