Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I no dumb baby

Last night we were all getting ready for bed and the lights were out and then I remembered I had not put a diaper on Isaiah.  I get up and got the diaper and he is saying no mommy, no mommy.  I told him I had to cause I did not want a wet bed to have to change. He still said no, then said I no dumb baby mommy.  That cracked me up!  I still insisted on a diaper and then turned back off the lights.  The moral: he is no dumb baby, for he woke up all nice and dry!!!!

With kids there is never a dull moment.  Isaiah has had NO mistakes for over a week.  My baby is growing up on me!  Boo Hoo!

Brian was off today so we took advantage of that and spent the day out together.This morning before we left, Brian decided to rearrange our bedroom some.  I was not a happy camper.  You see when he moves he makes more of a mess for me to have to clean up.  Right now there are boxes of stuff in his study and some other stuff still not where they should be in my room.  I did not feel like messing with it today, cause I have had a really terrible headache all day long.  I am having Brian pick me up some sinus tablets after church. Today he had to go out to work and get some packages to take to UPS.  In Sissonville there is a thrift store that is really nice.  I have been wanting a  potpourri pot for the living room, and guess what?  I found not one, but two!  They are like brand new and I got them for $2.49 each.(nice and BIG) I need to get some potpourri now.  We also stopped at a pastry shop.  I know bad, bad, but oh so good!  So you can my diet went out the window for the day!  Speaking of diet, I had been doing another blog all together for it, but I honestly DO NOT have the time to write in two blogs.  So I may post some stuff here.  Not sure just yet!
While out on our drive we decided to drive through some places in St. Albans.  All I can say is wow.  It amazes me how people can live the way they do.  I mean there was so much trash outside that they could not even get to their front doors.  I would hate to see what the inside looks like.  I am not talking one house, but an entire neighborhood!  Oh health inspector where are you?  Oh I see your head peeping out from all that garbage!  Get a dump truck people, seriously!


JOY said...

Isaiah is growing up fast. Enjoy it honey. I think that people cannot afford the trash truck and have no way of dumping garbage in the dump so they leave it where they live. Someone should complain to the county commission or someone.

Tina said...

The place we went mom was within city limits. You would think the city would say something.