Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just sayings

My baby boy is growing up so fast.  He is talking more and more and even making sentences.  He will pick up the phone (pone) and say Hi!  Go on for a bit, which you may or may not understand him.  Then he will say Mommy seep (sleep) which I am not, I am sitting right there.  I think he says whatever comes to his brain.  The other day Zack let a stinker and now Isaiah is going around saying "Zacky pooped his panties".  He even picked the phone up, while Zack was talking to one of his friends and blurted it out.  Zack's face turned a deep crimson red!  I was in the bathroom at Wal-mart one day, which I despise using a public toilet but when you got to go you got to go.  Anyway I had to pee, and Isaiah was standing there and says real loud, "Mommy go potty, yay!!" And then he proceeded with clapping.  The lady in the next seat over snickered!  If Brian had been there, Isaiah would have been with him, but alas I am always by myself on the norm.  So I sucked in my humiliation and opened the door and washed my hands, the snickering lady came out and said, "What a cute little man."  Yeah, and I have mud on my face!  The other day we were somewhere and he got something to drink.  I think the drink was water.  Anyway he took a big sip and looked at me with a disgusting look and said no mom it is ucky! (Yucky)  I need pop/tea.  If he does not have pop/tea he is in distress.  He even says ucky to koolaide.  Now he does like chocolate milk.  Who wouldn't right?  While eating dinner last night, he heaved a big sigh and said Mommy this is so ummy! (yummy)  Gotta love my little man!  Just a minute ago he was crying, well more like whining, so I went to see what was the matter and he had his finger stuck behind my dresser.  I looked at him and he said I stuck!  So I got him out and was getting ready to leave the room when he stopped me cause his car was stuck behind my dresser too.  Okay this is the reason his fingers were stuck in the first place.  I have no idea how the car got behind there, because there is no room between the wall and dresser.  Where there is a will and a way a child will find it!


Teresa said...

Cute picture...He has nice eyes.

JOY said...

It is amazing how time flies by when your baby grows up. Won't be long till I can understand him when talk on the phone. He is so precious!