Monday, January 18, 2010

Did you know?

I was loading my washer and did not pay any attention to the contents I was putting in the washer.  I had separated my clothes so hey no biggie right?  Maybe!  I was taking the laundry out of the washer and placing the clothes into the dryer, when I came upon a pair of  Isaiah's pants.  They were quite heavy.  I am thinking, what in this world?  I picked them up and it was squishy.  I looked and there was gel!  There was a diaper inside the pants!  Ha!  It was totally full!  Luckily none of the gel got into my washer!  I normally check the boys pockets cause I learned that they put all sorts of different things in them (live worms, cars, nails, screws, etc.)  I have never had a diaper to end up in my wash!Okay so now I check to make sure Isaiah did not strip and leave a diaper in his pants!  With boys there is never a dull moment!

I finally got out of the house on Saturday night.  Brian took me out to dinner!  We ate at PONDEROSA!!  I had a ribeye that was cooked so good, a sweet potato, and a salad.  I did rather well for eating out!  My mother in law watched Zack and Logan for us.  She was going to keep Isaiah, but we decided to take him.  He ate like a little piggy!  After dinner we went to Wal-mart.  It was a fun evening!  A much needed trip out, I was really beginning to think I was never getting out of this house!

I have a lot of house cleaning to do.  I don't understand how a house can get so dirty in one day.  I deep clean on Saturday's and then come Monday it is like a cyclone has went through it.  What makes me so mad is none of the stuff is mine!

I could honestly scream!  I am sure there are other mom's that go through this as well.  How do you handle it?  I know I love time saving tips to get the job done in less time.  Here are some ways to save time that I do.

1. Get a plastic bag (Kroger) and do a clean sweep on paper stuff, in each room.
2.  Take a laundry basket and put all clothes, shoes and anything else in it.
3. Sweep each room
4. Dust, always dust last!
5. Go through laundry basket and put things in proper places.

Do you have any other time saving tips?  Let me know!


JOY said...

You are a very good organizer! I always have to check Charley's pockets and he is nt a kid, lol. Good job sweetie.

Teresa said...

I've never heard of washing a diaper before. Funny!