Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I NEED a Spring Break

My boys' are on their Spring Break this week, which has brought me to the conclusion that I too need a Spring Break!  What gives?  I think we, mothers work hard and deserve a break.  Who is with me on taking a Spring Break?

I can see myself sitting in a lounge chair, drinking some cold ice tea, while my boys have big palm leaves fanning me. On this Spring Break, I would not hear any whining!  No "I'm bored"!  Or the loud words coming from the demonic voices.... "Mom he won't let me play on the computer!!"  No there would not be any of that!  My boy's would share and take turns like good children ought too!  One can dream right?!

Speaking of the above statements,  I am embarrassed to say it is statements of TRUTH!  This is all I have heard while they have been on break. It is driving quite batty!!!  I know some would say I am an "OLD" bat, and thanks to those who think that, but honestly enough is enough!!

Don't get me wrong I love my boys' more than the world itself... ~enough to smack them to the next morning~... oops I said that out loud.  No, really I do love them and life would not be worth living without them.  I just think I need a BREAK!!!


Char5 said...

Hang in there, girl!!! When my older two were little, I used to go into my laundry room and close the door and sit on top of my washing maching to get a little break(can't believe I used to do that, if I tried that now my washing machine would crumble under my weight~LOL!) Anyway, those two would think I wanted to play "hide and seek" as soon as they missed me and it wouldn't be long until I would hear my little daughter say, "let's find mommy" to her little brother~oh well, so much for my little attempt at some rest~heehee. I hope that you can get in some quiet time today. ((HUGS))

butterjoy said...

I sure understand that honey :) They grow up so fast and you will wonder where did time go. Enjoy and love them as much as you can even if they drive you "batty" :)
I love you!

Annette said...

Oh man... I can't stand that, "I'm bored!" business. I always say, "What do you think acrobats are supposed to come out and entertain you?" lol Life is not full of fun ALL of the time. That is an important lesson for young people to learn you know. Good time for chores though, when they are bored. I have seen chores really give kids energy and something to do, once they get started that is. I really enjoyed reading both comments, as well as the article. Kind of sad though. My suggestion, dear Tina, is to... NOT THINK ABOUT SUMMER break that is almost on us. LOL What then?! Yikes! Maybe send them to mamaw's house for a break? lol