Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello to my long lost LOVE

Wondering who my long lost love is?   This BLOG!  I was doing really good with writing here, but I guess my mind has digressed.  Why?   I have lazy brain syndrome.  It is very contagious.  It is when you mind takes a break and does not want to be bothered by any sort of thinking.  You just stare out and you look like a zombie.
I am sure you have seen the look.  Everyone is talking and there is one lone person just sitting and staring.  You come to realize that, that person has came in contact with someone who had lazy brain syndrome.  You want to go and speak with them, but know if you do, you just might contract that same dreaded disease.  Oh well, everyone's brain needs a break at some point!!!

Hopefully I am not CONTAGIOUS anymore, and my writing's will be more often!  Look out blogger world!!

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