Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wild about the WILDS

Brian took a day off, so decided to take the kids to see some animals.  Isaiah is at the age where he just loves watching animals especially giraffes.  We looked for a close zoo, but most are like 3+ hrs away.  We decided on THE WILDS because it was on 2 hrs away.  It was so cool.  All the animals came up pretty close to the bus.  It was like we were on a safari.  We got off the bus several times to look around.  It was a fun filled time.  The only exception is beware of the cost of something to drink!  It was just completly insane!  Highway robbery..... we were dying of thirst and so we all got a bottle of pop.  There was no price and we figured on $1.50, it costed $14.00 for 5 drinks!  They are trippling their price on pop.  Inflation I tell ya!

After we left "THE WILDS", we headed on down to Hocking Hills.  We stopped to have dinner at
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This was a nice quiet place to eat.  They had a really good salad/buffet bar.  The prices were fairly reasonable.  After we were done eating we went next door to a putt putt golf place and ice cream parlor.  We paid for the boys to play.  It was so hot.  Just standing there watching them play, sweat just rolled off my face and down my neck.  After they were done we each got some ice cream.  Some much deserved coolness!!

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