Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A hamster on a wheel? Nah that is a big FAT rat!

Well the title says it all.  I have been going to the gym at the "Y" .  This is going on my 3rd week.  As I walking on the treadmill, the thought came to me "these people look like hamster's running on their wheels."  I on the other hand looked like a big FAT rat!

It is a bit discouraging when I have not seen anyone heavy like myself.  I mean, in the water Aerobics class there are, but I am not taking that class, I am doing the Fitness room.  Anyway I look around and all I see is FIT women and men.  I sometimes wonder if they all start working out harder, because the FAT lady has entered the building and this is an incentive for them to keep their fit and trim bodies.  Brian told me "No, they are probably thinking well good for her.  She is doing the right thing."  Hmm not sure about his thoughts.  I know I am DOING the right thing.  I love the gym and the workout that I get.  I LOVE the way I feel afterwards even if my thighs are arms feel like they are on fire.  I LOVE the YMCA!  I just wish there were more people like me.  I feel like a rotten apple in a basket of delicious, beautiful red apples! Bleck!!!

I am NOT giving up, I am just venting.  In the past 2 weeks I have lost 8 lbs.  It is hard work.  I am also watching what I am eating.  And no I am not just watching it go in my mouth.  *smiles*  I really want to be healthy.  I want to be able to chase after my boys.  I want my boys to be proud of me and not embarrassed when I come to their classroom or when I am around their friends.  I don't want to be some skinny minny, but I do want to be a good weight for me.  That is my goal!

So I will keep on going to the gym even if I am the FAT lady. I will become a nice beautiful red apple to add to the basket!


Denise said...

Hey, lady! Good to find your blog!

I love the look!

I go to Curves and I love it! The women do not dress in sexy clothing. They dress in sweat pants and Tshirts. Half the women do have a weight problem. And we have a real comradeship.

How do you get music on your blog? I see no source where it's playing from...... And what song is it? I have a playlist on mine.

Adding you to my Friends List.

Tina said...

Hey Denise,
There is a dress code at the "Y" so no sexy stuff there either. It just makes me feel discouraged seeing all the thin people. Ya know? I as going to go to Curves, but the problem was finding someone to watch Isaiah. The "Y" has child watch at certain hours. As for the music playing I have a play list positioned at the bottom of the blog from hypster.com. I will add you to my friends list as well!

Teresa said...

Hi Tina,
I'm proud of you and your workout. Your doing great. Don't worry about the other people that are there. Only concentrate on yourself and your workout.