Sunday, May 9, 2010

What being a M-O-T-H-E-R is to me

On Friday I posted my child rearing experience so if you have not read that, do so.  Each of us mother's have different experiences with raising children, but have one thing in common "our children".  Having children is what made us turn from just a woman to a MOTHER.  We become part of the Mother sorority called "A life in Mommyhood"!  Each life is different but they revolve around a 4 letter word "child" or in some families "children".

Today we celebrate that sorority and get some gifts of gratitude.  I told my mother I owed her an IOU.  Brian's payday is on Monday, so I will get her something this week and take it up to her.  My mother inlaw is hard to buy for.  I will leave that to Brian to figure out.  I have did my share of buying and frankly each time I have got something I rarely see it out.  On the norm I get both mother's the same thing.  So no one thinks we love one more than the other.  Flowers are ultimately a good choice.  Most women love flowers, especially ones that bloom all Summer long.

Our church gave out Mother's Day gifts.  A flower basket went to the oldest and youngest mother.  I did not get a basket this year, but I did get a cute garden flag with a  puppy and kitten on it.  Brian and the boys took me to Ponderosa for lunch and the restaurant gave out carnations to each mother.  Mine smelled so nice.  Isaiah made me a cute fence photo frame in Sunday School with the words I love you a whole bunch on it.  It had hearts as flowers.  So cute.  Logan made me a card with a cut ink pen.  All in all I had a great day!

This is a picture of what the photo frame Isaiah made me.  I ordered it from Oriental Trading.  Of course each child made his/hers differently.  This is not the one Isaiah made, but gives you an idea.  It was actually on clearance because it was a Valentine decoration, but I thought it would be cute for Mother's day!

I will leave you with this card  in hopes you to had a wonderful "Mother's Day"!!  Click on the bear to see the card.

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Teresa said...

Glad you had a nice Mother's Day. Take care.