Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things going through this head of mine

The other day I was outside filling up my hummingbird feeder and as I looked up I was staring in the eyes of a beautiful ruby throated hummer.  It was as if he was saying okay lady hurry up, I have no time to wait.  He flew to a nearby branch of my Rose of Sharon and waited some more, but I suppose I was not fast enough for him.  As I finished and walked into the house, I looked out the living room window and he had came to eat.  It reminded me of the rabbit on Alice in Wonderland.

How curious, I am thinking to myself!!!  Hummingbirds are amazing little creatures, but oh so fast that you have to carefully watch or before you know it they are GONE!

On another note, I have discovered that I am missing silverware.  When Zack and Logan were younger they would take my spoons outside to dig with and my lovely lawnmower would greet the spoon with a clankity clank sound and I knew what I had hit!  Nothing left to save!  

I realize I still have another little guy among the house, but he won't go anywhere unless I am with him.  Isaiah is truly a Mommy's boy!  I am thinking I must have a Stuart Little in the house.  I can picture a hole in behind my cabinet stuffed full of amazing gadgets and my silverware.  I can see Stuart sleeping in a sardine can and a nightstand made out of a spool of thread.  Not sure how my silverware could be used since it would be so big, but alas I know he must have them!!    I have not found any droppings, so he must even have a tiny outhouse!  This has to be the logical reason behind my missing silverware. I even bet during the night he gets inside one of Isaiahs toy trucks and burns rubber on my kitchen floor!

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Teresa said...

Since you don't have a dishwasher (they are notorious for eating silverware) then it must be Stuart Little.