Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wow almost 3 months has passed by

It is amazing to me how time flies, almost like a blink of an eye!  Since I last wrote, I now have a "temporary" daughter.  Brian's brother's daughter is living with us.  She is pregnant and her mother kicked her out of the house. Brian's brother is disabled and unable to take care of her like she needs at this time.  Later on she does plan on moving in with him.  I am unsure how that will work out.  They are too much a like and tend to argue and then it becomes a very tense atmosphere, which will not be good at all for the baby.  Brian and I worry too, over her being so young, she is going to need a lot of help with the baby.  It will be a rude awakening for her, that is for sure.  She is due May 18th and our "temporary" custody is up the last part of June.  I keep praying that she will just stay here, but I think, in her mind, she wants to go live with dad because of her boyfriend.  He lets them be together on the weekends (which I DO NOT uphold) and so she of course loves that!  We have told her, if she and her boyfriend get married then we would turn our back porch into a room for them.  I know that is taking on more, but I would rather do that, then see something bad happen to her or the baby.
In September I took Logan out of public school and began homeschooling him once again.  He is doing well, but he does have his day just like any other kid.  I, personally, believe he does so much better with one on one, then with a classroom setting.  He is wanting me to continue schooling him, but Brian is tossed in his thinking.  I think we will wait and see how his testing goes before making the ultimate decision.  I also have been doing some pre-school with Isaiah.  I do tend on schooling him next year. I really love teaching my kids!  I love seeing them actually learning and to think "I" am the one that is teaching them.  It gives me great pleasure!!!  I would love to teach Zack as well, but he is pretty settled on public school.  He is a very smart kid.  He makes the "A/B" honor roll and we are very proud of him.
I have had several surgeries.  In October I had to have my appendix taken out along with a 4 cm cyst on my right ovary.  Then at the end of November I fell and broke my left leg.  I had to get a plate and 7 screws put in it.  Then in January I had to go back and have 2 of the screws taken back out.  My ankle hurts really bad.  It swells up like a big grapefruit all the way around.  When it swells that is when the pain gets bad.  I pray that this will soon go away!!
As of 3 days ago, I started watching my intake on food once again.  I did a calculation and according to what I weigh I need 2970 calories to stay at the weight I am.  Wowser!  I don't believe I eat that much at all!!!  I mean that is totally insane!  Anyway I am not doing any specific diet, just eating healthy.  No this is no resolution, this is life.  I have to do something for "me"!!  Well, it is for my family and God as well.  I want to live a life pleasing to God and live longer as well. I have been reading up on "HCG" drops.  I did buy the drops at Wal-mart for $12.36.  I am going to do the drops, but I am not going to follow the 500 calorie plan. I mean come on that is very low and sure I would lose eating hardly anything.  I just want to see if the drops do actually help keep the hunger pains away.   Here is a link to what Dr. Oz says about the "HCG" diet plan.  HCG diet plan review by Dr. Oz

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